Friday assorted links

1. Siberian barter markets in everything if only they had stabilized nominal gdp.  It might mean less sex.

2. Spatial competition and the Great Divergence.

3. Steve Keen turns to crowdfunding to pay his salary.

4. Noah Smith responds on empiricism and humility.  Many good points, though I think who is “ideological” is not as simple as this seems to indicate.  Even if no one person acts or feels like an ideologue, a system that is not asking all the right questions is in fact highly ideological.  When was the last time there was a significant study of child satisfaction with school vouchers?  How much attention is given to the economics of animal welfare?  And so on.

5. The federal agencies and programs Trump wants to eliminate.

6. 49:45 for my riff on deathbed regrets.

7. Me on Facebook Live, Monday 7 p.m., EST.  Here is the Facebook event page.


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