Monday assorted links

1. How to wiretap Trump Tower.

2. Economist Dorothy Rice passes away (NYT).  And The Economist on feminist economics.

3. Underrated explanations for understanding the rise of Trump (NYT):

Historians will long ponder the factors behind Mr. Trump’s unlikely rise to the presidency. Most analyses cite his advocacy for the economically disaffected, his rejection or embrace of one form of identity politics or another, or his preternatural ability to connect with “Middle America.”

But another factor deserves attention: a bipartisan approach to national security focused on terrorism that has distorted America’s understanding of its interests.

4. The real story of Japan’s Bond Girl (NYT).

5. Atlantic Business on The Complacent Class: “[The Complacent Class] provides an open invitation for the reader to think deeply.”  And Arnold Kling reviews Complacent Class: ” There is a lot to the book. You should read it. Even though it is getting a lot of coverage, don’t just assume that you can pick up its contents by osmosis. But prepare to disagree with him at times.”  And a review by Dalibor Rohac.

6. Some elephants sleep only two hours a night.


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