Saturday assorted links

1. Did migration of the non-complacent to America help make Scandinavian social democracy stable?  And Free Exchange on parties and pies.

2. Powers and abilities of Superman.

3. “Turns out that when you live with a federal symbol up close and personal, day in and day out, it’s a little harder to think of them as majestic. Bald eagles show up in the local police blotter alongside reports of drunk fishermen passing out in the wrong bunk or taking off in someone else’s forklift.”  Link here.

4. “At 180 grams, Goslow’s egg might be the heaviest on Canadian record…The record for the heaviest chicken egg in the world was reportedly laid by a hen in New Jersey, USA in 1956. That egg was 454 grams.”  Link here.

5. Video on the Nigerian bobsleigh team.


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