Saturday assorted links

1. The butterfly killer is convicted.

2. “At Gujarat Technological University, Sachin Sharma and Dharmesh Shah have designed a visual animal detection system that uses algorithms based on histogram of oriented gradients and cascade classifiers running in OpenCV. Cow training data came from public image datasets (like the KTH Animal Dataset), and in total 900 images of cows were input into the classifier.”  Link here.

3. Excellent Adam Tooze post on the gravity equation and how to think about the course of globalization and trade over distance.  I agree there has been a growth in the relative ability to trade across borders, but still not, given that a border is crossed, a relative boost over greater distances.  The entry of some former “zeros” into the global trading system is a once-and-for-all effect due to internal reforms, and the preferred way of measuring the trade elasticity over distance is I think to exclude such cases.  These issues are all debated in the literature.

4. Canada signs free trade agreement with itself.

5. Advanced distribution jobs keep growing.


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