Most distinctive words: New York vs. Texan erotica

Texas: Ranked, Trailer, Soldiers, Sergeant, Bunk, Arena, Evidently, Altar, Alley, Captain.

New York: Subway, Popsicle, Senator, Butthole, Museum, Landlord, Sin, Jacuzzi, Thrusted, Shrugs.

That is from the new and excellent Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, by Ben Blatt.  Here is my earlier post on the book.


Ah, Fort Hood rockin' the stats for the whole state again, as usual. Force multipliers indeed.


Texas erotica has surprisingly traditional endings?

Yet the word 'shotgun' seems to be missing.

Break them into pairs of words

Ranked Trailer: only the best

Bunk Arena: you bet

Evidently Altar: inevitable

Alley Captain: oh baby you know what I like

Subway Popsicle: for the adventurous

Senator Butthole: of course

Museum Landlord: with private dungeon

Sin Jacuzzi: is there another kind?

Thrusted Shrugs: is there another kind?

It's excellence certainly leaps to the eye = evidently altar alley captain

Explain "evidently".

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