Monday assorted links

1. Profile of Clayton Christensen.

2. Is Roger Federer more loss averse than Serena Williams?

3. Venice (Italy) bans kebab shops.

4. “Russian website shows unsecured video streams from across Canada.

5. New and even more shocking results on income stagnation.: “…economists should search for explanations for households’ current financial woes in the youth and childhood of today’s workers.  “We are maybe looking at the wrong place for the solution to stagnation in wages and rising inequalities,” Guvenen said. “To understand higher inequality, we should turn and take a closer look at youth.””

6. Fewer than one in one thousand teachers in Colorado is “ineffective” — what a state!

7. With proper calibration, the Comey effect is much smaller than you might think (NYT).

8. Trailer for Blade Runner 2049.


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