Monday assorted links

1. “White left” as a Chinese insult.

2. Why is Karen Carpenter so popular in the Philippines?  “To this day, the Carpenters hold the distinction of being among the few American acts to boast Philippines-only radio hits: album tracks largely unknown in other parts of the world but in heavy rotation on Filipino radio, thus elevating these lesser cuts to the prime status of the artists’ more recognizable global hits.”

3. “Fairfax Co. firetruck catches fire in station.”  The cause of fire is being investigated.

4. Joshua Rothman profile of Rod Dreher.

5. Some advantages of property taxes over land value taxes.  And homeownership turnover is declining (NYT).

6. David Beckworth’s macro podcast with Paul Krugman.

7. Felix Salmon on the Spotify direct stock exchange listing.


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