Thursday assorted links

1. Elida Almeida music video from Cape Verde.

2. Andrew Sullivan on neo-reaction:

Among many liberals, there is an understandable impulse to raise the drawbridge, to deny certain ideas access to respectable conversation, to prevent certain concepts from being “normalized.” But the normalization has already occurred — thanks, largely, to voters across the West — and willfully blinding ourselves to the most potent political movement of the moment will not make it go away.

Here is the longer piece, of interest throughout, here is good commentary from Rod Dreher.  And here is Henry on Trump through the lens of Polanyi.

3. “Man pays tribute to friend by flushing remains down 17 MLB ballpark toilets…Tom McDonald says gesture is fitting for his friend, who was a plumber.”  Link here.

4. School segregation is back.

5. Those new service sector jobs: “Facebook says it will hire another 3,000 people to review videos of crime and suicides following murders shown live.”

6. A Master’s degree for 7k? (NYT)

7. A new project from Russ Roberts: “My latest econ education project is It’s a Wonderful Loaf:  It’s about the emergent order that is the market for bread. It’s an animated and annotated poem plus resources to learn quite a bit about emergent order if you want to go deeper.”

8. Glenn Kessler on preexisting conditions.


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