Tuesday assorted links

1. “Cumulating across the six years from 1934 to 1939, our results indicate an excess of 13,665 infant deaths that could be attributable to the repeal of federal prohibition in 1933.

2. There is no great stagnation: “McDonald’s Invents a ‘Frork’ Utensil Made of French Fries“.  Furthermore:

A limited supply of Frorks will be available with the purchase of a Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich on May 5 at participating restaurants. These sandwiches sell for between $4.99 and $5.19.

In true infomercial style, the ad features a toll-free number that gives callers a chance to get a free Frork or a coupon for a free Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich.

3. How many of the greatest philosophers had philosophy degrees?

4. Sent to jail by a software program? (NYT)

5. The Chinese factory workers who write poems on their phones.  Recommended.

6. Foreign migrants and terror.


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