Monday assorted links

1. An interesting post on differing measures of wage growth, some showing more optimism than the usual story.  I interpret these data as showing overall productivity stagnation, and that we are near full employment, but that finally some terms of trade shift toward less skilled workers can be observed.  Other interpretations are possible, though.

2. The Parfitian lawsuit: “you made me exist!”

3. What happened to Jim Carrey?

4. “A society hospitable to the down and out will not be afraid to dress up.

5. “Staff at the Bank of England studied the writing style of Dr. Seuss as part of a push to make its communications more easily understood by the general public.

6. I was surprised to learn that the world’s largest bus terminal is in Tel Aviv.  The link presents nine other “largest buildings of a particular type” around the world.

7. Why are Tesla insurance rates going up so much?

8. The cut-off that is Qatar.


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