Sunday assorted links

1. “He was struck by the contrast between Australia’s growing economic and strategic bulk and the derangement of its self-absorbed political class…

2. “The Alt-Knights were originally conceived as a paramilitary wing of the Proud Boys…” (NYT)

3. Freddie on the chat with Chetty; I can’t speak for Raj, but I would gladly pay the better teachers more, if that meant firing the lemons (and I don’t read him as denying this).  And many lemons there are, FD doesn’t provide evidence against that by now rather well-established claim, furthermore it is one any high schooler would agree with.

4. Scott Sumner on the two new Fed picks.  I view these as very good news.

5. How to think about investing in housing.

6. Do spiders offload cognitive tasks to their webs?


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