Sunday assorted links

1. In one study, young children learn how to deceive in ten days.

2. “A new kind of elevator uses linear motors, similar to those in maglev trains and HyperLoop, to whiz its cabins through shafts, and will be able to move people up, down, left, or right.” Link here.

3. New Chinese movie stars Stephon Marbury as Stephon Marbury (NYT).  And this: “There is indeed a statue of Marbury in Beijing. “People say it doesn’t look like me,” Marbury said. “But I know it does, because I know the face I made when they made the statue.””

4. Boris Becker is now bankrupt (no Beijing statue).

5. Employees committed to family are more motivated and productive (WSJ).

6. Flying ability helps determine egg shape.


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