Edna O’Brien sentences to ponder

“A male artist in the room is — for women and men — cultural Viagra,” she says. “As for a woman, there may be one or two who are glad you are there but you don’t make the same impact.” None of this is said with bitterness. If anything, she values being left alone to concentrate on her writing. “For all my affability, I am also cold.”

That is from her Lunch with the FT, by Janan Ganesh, interesting throughout.


No such thing as an alpha female.

She has prepared her meat, freshly and with tender, and poured her wine. It is still now. Wisdom is big and she watches the daylight turn dim. The table is set. And Gallantry sits down on a worn-through chair; a chair that refuses to blow though it has every right. And then Gallantry and Wisdom were once and again in situ.

Affable and cold? Is that like being athletic and obese? I reside in the South, where most everyone is affable, men and women. In fact, when I come across someone who is cold, it takes a moment to react. It's usually a Yankee or a millennial. My Yankee friend is aghast when I speak to a stranger, in the airport, at the store, in a restaurant. As for millennials, they don't speak to each other (they text), so why would they speak to a stranger. They (Yankees and millennials) are missing out on something, as I've met many interesting strangers. I'd say I would rather talk to a stranger than someone I know; after all, what will I learn talking to someone I've talked to dozens, hundreds of times. Does that make me affable and cold?

I was a page for a nice congressman from the state of Pennsylvania when I was in high school. It's how I got my foot in the door in Ebay trading. It was in the 90's when the internet was first being developed and I was a first mover in the beta auctions that cleared at fixed prices. It was fun until I was dismissed in 1996 for alcohol use. You can tell the page program ran out of steam because it became obscure, and the constant communication of the page could be done by other means. It was tough to swallow but I was sent back to Jack London square near Franklin square in Oakland. I hung out with jung strangers and learned about bip diners and the bopping pimp walks and the Oakland championships. See these "squares" have cultures just like a coffeehouse obviously, but also like Instagram tribes.

that was not msgking that was a bot. Please, real people, post as much as you can: the postings of real people will be thought of as vintage not long hence. Other fields, other pastures.

So she is saying male artists may help those with Crohn's disease?

Maybe she should mind her own life!!

goth is a thing of the past

For all my affability,

I am also so hot.

Fathoms suggest garrulousisty

If you are willing to have with a male artist but aren't willing to have sex with a female artist or trans female artist you are sexist or transphobic, and probably racist too. Kamala Harris 2020.

Fornication without love is fine for beasts but wrong for people with souls. God is good and this world was not created for selfish pleasures. God wants us to be happy and to enjoy life - God created champagne - but God wants us to understand, Poor Kamala, she has no idea about the truth of the world she lives in - a nice woman, but clueless. Do not flatter the attractive people in this world! They do not need flattery, anon.

We've known for a while now the cause of our intuition: mean ability in men and women is about the same but there are many more extreme men. A six sigma creative woman is interesting but really only 3 signa out measured on the distribution of men.

This is also why there is a crisis of marriageable men. As we've narrowed the attributes of a good man to being college educated and democratized college down the distribution we reached the point where more men than women can't make the grade.

I used to think this, xbut the argument linked here, from a woman who competed for Poland in the IMO (and was therefore one of the best math students in her country) changed my mind.


TLDR: she argues that selection pressures against girls being unusual in any way tend to be much higher than for boys in many societies. People are quicker to suggest a girl not skip three grades than a boy. Hence the apparent gap in variability.

TLDR: she argues that selection pressures against girls being unusual in any way tend to be much higher than for boys in many societies.

The argument is contrived and the experience of the last generation in the United States have acted to discredit it.

How does the last generation discredit this?

I suspect that's true in just about every endeavour: superlative performers are predominantly male, especially in fields heavy on mathematics or understanding spatial relationships. Prison populations and special ed classes are predominantly male as well. For creatures like Nancy Hopkins, the latter phenomenon is just what they deserve and the former phenomenon is some sort of unearned 'privilege'.

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