Wednesday assorted links

1. A new theory of language evolution: “A critical feature of our model is the core principle of reversal, whereby deceptive signals aimed originally by a coalition against an external target are subsequently redeployed for honest communicative purposes within the group.”

2, How similar is sex over the centuries? (not at all obscene, but very frank language at the link.  Btw, I am not convinced by the argument but interesting nonetheless).

3. A short history of for-profit scientific publishing.

4. Is Just-in-Time inventory one reason for growing corporate cash hoards?

5. “Our results demonstrate that substituting one food for another, beans for beef, could achieve approximately 46 to 74% of the reductions needed to meet the 2020 GHG target for the US. In turn, this shift would free up 42% of US cropland (692,918 km2).” Link here, via Kevin Lewis.

6. The syllabus of Junot Diaz at MIT.  Weirder than you might think, in a good way.

7. “Further, we find no relation between menstrual cycle phase and economic preferences in the placebo group.


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