Monday assorted links

1. Premium mediocrity: “As a result, as another buddy Rob Salkowitz put it in our Facebook discussion, premium mediocrity is creating an aura of exclusivity without actually excluding anyone.”

2. Machine learning and the new physiognomy.  Interesting, and neglected.

3. Uncovering Somalia’s forgotten music from the 1970s.

4. Today the St. Louis minimum wage falls from $10 to $7.70.

5. “But in recent weeks, the monsoon rains have relentlessly pounded this part of Bangladesh.  Rainwater from the Himalayas is travelling down through Nepal’s lower lying areas, through swollen rivers in north-east India and eventually through the floodplains of Bangladesh.  Vast swaths of land across all three countries are under water.”  Link here.  In Bangladesh alone, 7.1 million people are affected.

6. The great Pessoa.


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