Thursday assorted links

1. “…material incentives tend to be moot when soldiers are faced with the proximate decision of firing on civilians.

2. Can smart devices track your movement with musicCan machine learning master love?

3. Interview with Sujatha Gidla.

4. Did India block China in Doklam?

5. “In an illustrative simulation we find that scrapping Buy-America(n) would reduce U.S. employment in manufacturing but boost employment in the rest of the economy with a net gain of about 300 thousand jobs. Even in the manufacturing sector, there would be many winning industries including those producing machinery and other high-tech products. Employment would increase in 50 out of 51 states and 430 out of 436 congressional districts.” Link here.

6. The IMF profiles Ricardo Hausmann.

7. Greg Ip at WSJ on mark-ups and monopoly.


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