Tuesday assorted links

1. “We find that relative to males in the same cohort, female economists are less likely (by about 14%) to have received tenure and promotion eight years post-graduation.”  And Kevin says reforming tenure is not nearly enough.

2. Most legacy applicants fits the academic profile of the colleges to which they are admitted.  I would stress this is a) revenue-maximizing, b) still deeply unfair, c) still pragmatically a good thing, and d) an indictment of how institutions currently think about “academic profile.”

3. On the origin of municipal segregation ordinances.

4. The new Shanghai rankings for economics departmentsGMU Law also in the top 30.  And Lynne Kiesling moves to Purdue, congratulations!

5. How will Lagos cope with its population?

6. David Brooks on moderates (NYT).


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