Sunday assorted links

1. “British people are second only to China in how much they want the government to control the internet, according to this survey.

2. New Zealanders worry about their country’s pristine nature, given the onslaught of tourism and globalization.  By the way, the NZ election results shows how proportional representation can be a bad system when the checks on nutty party opinion are otherwise weak.  Imagine Winston Peters holding the balance of power, and perhaps not even being the nuttiest candidate in the race.  This time, the Maori Party went to zero seats, the semi-libertarian ACT won one seat.  NYT report here.

3. “…a school’s participation in the NCAA Tournament is associated with a 30% increase in binge drinking and a 9% increase in self-reported drunk driving by male students at that school.

4. Ferroequinologists: India has a bunch of them.  Recommended.

5. ESPN profile of Hou Yifan.  And chess grandmaster Lev Alburt advises the financial community in NYC.

6. Political correctness also comes from the Right.


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