Saturday assorted links

1. “Jutras has been working on the trifecta for a decade, since his pumpkin win.”  (who’s complacent!?)  And did Iranian ballistic missiles violate the nuclear deal?

2. This is not Arthur Laffer’s napkin.  And “Five countries have higher tax rates than the peak of the Laffer curve.

3. “I just can’t quite get over the diversity of US state names in fried chicken places in Oldham. What’s going on there? I’d love to know.

4. Laibach plays North Korea.  And here is Laibach singing “Across the Universe.”

5. Wiblin and Beckstead podcast on how to give away billions.

6. Profile of Kevin Hassett in his new job.

7. “The fish in aquariums is a sort of entertaining bait to catch the attention of travelers for the hidden cameras to scan their faces and irises.”  File under The Airport that is Dubai.


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