Sunday assorted links

1.  Is the BBC tailoring some content to do away with the plot?

2. Mark Koyama reviews Peter Leeson.

3. Paul Krugman responds on corporate tax incidence.  I see this as a classic case of “as usual the truth lies somewhere in between.”  In response to Paul, foreign capital goes after American rents all the time (ask Toyota), exchange rate overshooting models have little validity in the data (“news” moves exchange rates), and I don’t see why the long-run is a bad guide to tax policy.  That said, I do think more of the burden of capital taxation falls on capital than labor, but plenty falls on labor nonetheless.  See the most recent comments from Summers, stronger arguments overall.

4. “The Seattle Sperm Bank categorizes its donors into three popular categories: “top athletes,” “physicians, dentists and medical residents,” and “musicians.””  Link here.

5. Excellent Scott Sumner post on an excellent John Cochrane post.

6. The Saudis and the Kurds.


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