Tuesday assorted links

1. Self-driving cars will be better for wheelchairs.

2. “U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee considered many important banking reforms in 2009-2010 including the Dodd-Frank Act. We show that during this period, the foreclosure starts on delinquent mortgages were delayed in the districts of committee members even though there was no difference in delinquency rates between committee and non-committee districts.”  Link here.

3. Reexamining the economics of NFL draft picks.

4. Bershidsky on Merkel and Germany.

5. Is George Orwell overrated?  I claimed this to Cardiff Garcia just yesterday, at least relative to Huxley.

6. What is up with Northern Ireland? (NYT)  A good and important piece.

7. How a made-up article garnered hundreds of citations.


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