Wednesday assorted links

1. What should you infer from the cheapness of Costco Single Malt Scotch Whiskey?

2. “Adding to the already somewhat troubling nature of the launch, the event will simultaneously serve as the launch of Hughes’ California gubernatorial campaign…

3. “The Swiss town of Albinen, located in the scenic canton of Valais, wants to pay people 25,000 Swiss francs (£18,900) each to move there.”  Link here.

4. Rebecca Traister and Ross Douthat on the post-Weinstein moment, many of the best parts are toward the end don’t neglect to catch Ross on Andrea Dworkin.

5. Websites that record all of your keystrokes.  The list includes some famous companies.

6. How scalable are blockchains?

7. Geoffrey Manne has a very good WSJ-gated piece on why the AT&T antitrust lawsuit is not a good idea.  Here is a good Puzzanghera and James piece on the case.


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