Favorite jazz from 2017

Charles Lloyd New Quartet, Passin’ Thru.  If their last few albums were released during the golden age of jazz, they would be revered to this day.

Cecile McLorin Salvant, Dreams and Daggers.  The new Ella Fitzgerald.

Alexandre Tharaud, Hommage a’ Barbara, classical pianist goes the route of French song, wonderful acoustics to these arrangements.

Django Bates, Saluting Sgt. Pepper.  A German (!) big band redoes the whole album, with a semi-comic music hall feel, intricate horn arrangements, works surprisingly well.

Mulatu of Ethiopia, the title says it all.

Runners-up might be Steve Coleman, Nicole Mitchell, Matt Mitchell, Tyshawn Sorey, Craig Taborn, Rez Abbasi, and Vijay Iyer, but I’m not sure I’ll go back to those in the longer run.


Your runners up kill

But no Monster Guitarist Mary Halvorson? [& bandleader, composer]. Try 'Paimon'

& not one disc by John Zorn?

My favourite disc of the year: 'Najwa', Wadada Leo Smith.

Check it out.

> & not one disc by John Zorn?

if you have heard the best of the pre-2005 disks, there is no post-2005 JZ disk that is worth listening to.

What would you say are the best pre-2005 John Zorn works?

These days there are more people who play jazz than there are people who can stand listening to it.

You're no stoic! ;)

Noone is posting comments to this thread, which proves my point.

Here is another 2017 list: http://thequietus.com/articles/23721-best-jazz-2017-top-ten-jaimie-branch-pat-thomas-alice-coltrane-nicole-mitchell

Some OK releases, but nothing life-changing.

I wouldn't call that a very good list.

UK centric, & he missed a lot of great records [though he obliquely namechecks 'Araminta' by Harriet Tubman]


Just wait a couple days until Tyler publishes his Best Classical Music of the Year thread.

I understand 12 copies were sold...

+1 LOL

To carlospln

Tony Allen, The Source

I’d be remiss not to mention Jamie Branch’s Fly or Die. Great debut album from someone who’s soon to be a leader in jazz and improvised music.

Dean Watson's latest album, Sum of Parts, is amazing. Fusion rather than "pure" jazz, but very musical.

Mammal Hands also has a great new album of minimalist jazz.

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah's The Emancipation Procrastination came very late in the year but worth a listen

Very true; none of those musicians will be as good as GWAR, because they're already better than GWAR.

Your mother gave me crabs.

Never heard of any of any of the artists mentioned. I'm sure they are all talented, but it's funny, none of the true greats of improvised music mentioned here. No Chick Corea, Christan Mcbride, John Patitucci, George Duke, Herbie Handcock etc. What's up with that?

Corea, Hancock were huge 50 years ago [with Miles & immediately after].

Name discs either has put out in the last twenty years which could plausibly be called 'great'. You can't.

George Duke is dead.

Carlospin,sounds like you haven't been paying attention Corea still tours the world with about 4 or five projects going on at the same time, one of the greatest pianists in any style ever. As far as your absurd comment about George duke being dead, so is Miles Davis and Mozart. Does that suddenly destroy their great contributions to music? You sound like A) An extremely frustrated amateur player B) an extremely frustrated pro C) or just someone clueless about music and has never played. I pick C. Thanks for your lack of insight there genius! Keep on spinning out there Carlos!

Oh Richard and Carlospin. You silly little boyz.

What happened Carlosspin? Got yourself in over your head in a conversation with a real musician? I think you need to go back to trolling clueless bloggers. Ha!

So zztop how am I silly? This guy is dismissing some of the greatest players in the history of music. Many are still active making great music. This guy is spun alright, he has no ldea what he's talking about. I realize the world has more important problems but this guy knows nothing about music.

Carlospin and zztop should have a swordfight and see if any vibration is detected between them and they can start a new music label, "Slapdick" music! Ha!

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