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#1. Took me a while to figure out that it was not about climate change.

Speaking of contractual arrangements between consenting adults,

I am surprised #1 was not captured by Trent Franks, libertarian hero.

Not about climate change in nature, but about the climate change in the tech workplace toward hostility to women.

Almost half of tech workers were women until the backlash of conservatives against equal rights beginning in the 70s and promoted by Reagan loyalists.

These models can thank Phyllis Schlafly for these job opportunities.

Too bad they aren't thanking Grace Hopper - the would be engineers, not models.

Such is life in America.

Usually I come to MR and I think what logical fallacy will Mulp commit today? It gives my day that extra pep and zing that brings a smile to my face. Just thinking about it. But today I cannot really be bothered. After all, Mulp himself is not really trying.

A change in the workplace to be more hostile to women? Where did all these Evil Men meet to plot this change? When did these Elders of the Tech World draw up their Protocols aimed at women? People like Clinton friend Mark Zuckerberg? That evil Right Wing conspirator? Or Bill Gates? Which Tech leader has ever been anything other than a hard core Leftist?

Why would they thank Grace Hopper? For being on the committee that gave the world COBOL? Go Team Pink!

As for half of the work force in computing being women, you mean women are better at boring, repetitive jobs that do not require a great deal of thinking, so that when "computing" involving people actually using calculators, the work place had a lot of women. The more that it became an industry that required systemic, sustained, logical thinking, the fewer women were involved? That is what you mean? By all means, let's bring back the routine, slow, technologically backward jobs that employed so many women. I liked punch cards.

It's true that computing used to be more female than it is today, this was real computer programming and not secretarial work. Mulp's blaming this on Reagan is of course ridiculous, the real reason IMO is that once computing became a widely known field its association with nerddom was more likely to dissuade women than men from going into the field.

So when was this Golden Age when computer science was not associated with nerddom?

Well people like Bezos and Thiel aren't really hardcore leftists, Larry Ellison and Michael Dell probably lean conservative. Depends how far back you want to go. But conservatives basically support affirmative action for women, which is why the Republican party has separate slots for National Committeewoman from each state and so on.

Admiral Hopper was a good coder, she would optimize programs by eliminating extra physical wiring, your USB cable is to long to be as efficient as her.

#1. See also:

Those new service sector jobs...

They'll lose on every transaction but make it up in volume.

1. NDAs for a party? Nothing suspicious or creepy about that.

2. I have a suggestion to add. Bad actors within markets who are unfettered by meaningful oversight.

3. Maybe this time corporations will bypass reduced tax bills in favor of signaling their dedication to America and its people.

4. Quirky and cute. I laughed heartily.

1. NDAs for a party? Nothing suspicious or creepy about that.

I may be spreading a blasphemous rumor, but when a waitress wishes you to have a nice day, she doesn't really mean it.

And Drug Reps are usually pretty women for a reason.


.... this, of course, is a government school under New Zealand Ministry of Education -- paychecks of the government employees there do not depend upon actual students attending the school.

that school has 5 full-time staff members including a school principal & teachers-aide -- plus 3 other local School Board members to supervise school operations. Equivalent public schools are only 20 miles away from this declining rural area.

Full Pay and no students -- what a noble personal sacrifice for educators.

The article's writer seems incredibly incurious. Are there school-age children in the area? If so, why do they not attend school? Homeschoolers? A private school? Already attending school in the next town? If there are no school-age children in the area, then there is zero chance one will magically show up.

>The article’s writer seems incredibly incurious.

As does Tyler, just about every day.

Well, Prof. Cowen is generally less credulous than Prof. Tabarrok.

...mainstream social scientists & journalists do seem surprisingly incurious & credulous

Regarding number 2, risk number 23 is "Irish presidential elections". This is a risk? The Irish president has extremely little power as head of state, not head of government. The sitting president is relatively popular and may stand for re-election. I see little risk.

Listing every possible risk seems no more useful than naming none.

Let us not forget about Putin’s— oops, I mean, presidential elections in Russia.

Knowledge of foreign politics is considered a mark of intelligence. Sometimes it's made up.

.2 nearly all the risks are under-defined in terms of the event, and totally undefined in terms of why that is a Bad Thing for a specific actor.

It's a poor list. My company futures team wouldn't generate one like this.

1. I guess the tech industry's "sexual harassment" scandals are somewhat similar to Washington's and Hollywood's, in the same way that the Martian invasion of New Jersey was similar to World War II.

Actually, there was no Martian invasion, it was a hoax perpetred by Orson Welles, an adaptation of H. G. Well's The War of the Worlds.

That's what the martians want you to think, you poor sap!


Grab her by the p*ssy. Lie about it. Profit!

Believe ridiculous stories. Virtue-signal on the internet about it. I'm not sure how you profit, but don't let that stop you!

Nothing ridiculous about this documented statement - "I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. [Refering to Zucker] You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait."

Well, assuming that one feels a man who says he cannot control himself when it comes to kissing beautiful women is not ridiculous in and of itself.

5. "If they still don’t have any enrolments next year, the plan is to buy a bus so children can be taught in the nearest town, 35km away."

So they're going to hijack kids going to school 20 miles away and drive them to a different school? I don't see how that is going to fill that empty school.

The kids won't be hijacked, they will be reallocated.

So this is what New Zealand has become.

I'm sorry -- somebody kill me, please.

Tech is slowly granting quite substantial compensation, this is making tech employees, by some definition, 'rich'.

Rich people like pretty things. Film at 11.

PS: the big story here is that this is, possibly, for engineers and not sales people. Quelle Horreur. Of course this is exactly what Sarah Frier is decrying.

This is not about rich people liking pretty things, this is about tech companies not wanting every holiday event to be a sausage party.


If it wasn't about aesthetics then why are they hiring models?

Also why aren't you kvetching about investment banking bring the same way?

Hate speech from Hazel. Wow.

I'm just curious enough to wonder what makes that comment hate speech.

#5: When government "fails" government doubles down and spends more money. It's not like it is the politicians money. And any debt they might run up will not come due until they are retired from politics / dead.

#1. I actually sort of know a woman who used to do this as a side gig. I don't know if she still does. It wasn't exactly as a model per se - she's not that attractive, it was more because she's sort of a glam hipster who owns a lot of great costumes she made herself and she can do elaborate hair and makeup. So if someone wanted to have an event with a crazy party atmosphere, they would hire her to show up in one of her elaborate costumes, to provide "atmosphere and ambiance".

It is hard to believe that people have been unaware that this goes on:

It is routine in the Italian fashion industry as well.

The real question is, to channel Instapundit, why are Democratic-run industries such cesspits of sexism and borderline prostitution?

"Democratic-run industries" reached into contradiction and paranoia at the same time.

Don't think this is a democrat-republican issue, just an issue of simple economics, where one actor has X and wants Y and the other has Y and wants X, trade is the natural result. A nerdy guy can put effort into becoming a "normie," tolerate boring normie conversations and interests, teach himself to suppress his natural nerdiness and act "cool," only to find that he has made it to the grand heights of the 50th percentile of American men where he gets pushed around by his gf who possesses the balance of power in the relationship. *Or* he can spend 50$ to pay a pretty actor to pretend to be his "close female friend" and get the social proof it involves while staying true to his nerdy self. The only reason this isn't happening all the fucking time is because people fear the deception would be uncovered and because of status quo bias. But once you've done it once, it becomes much easier to do again, you know who to call and who you can trust. I've done this extensively during my recruitment for the KKK. Potential recruits are invited to parties attended by supposed members of the WKKK who pretend to be interested in our discussions of Julius Evola or Sam Francis. Shortly after recruits are induced into the Klan we tell them about the scam. Only a few members have stormed out in anger, most express approval at the "genius" recruitment strategy.

But she wasn't pretending to be an employee. That is the part that makes on sense - at a small firm everybody knows everyone and a new person would be approached and it would be like hey what group are you with and given the information security training videos it would become obvious she isn't really on staff.

Large companies would not have a company-wide party, as nobody can fit 200k people in a room in any event, and they don't really have the budget for it.

Seems like typical California incompetence.

1: I guarantee you that the number of attractive women paid by management to hang out with their engineer employees is exactly zero. Nationwide.

Now, if you want to bring customers into it, the number will skyrocket.

Anse is looking out over the land. Vardaman looks at Anse’s face, then at the door. Vardaman’s mother is a fish. Jewel’s mother is horse. He just looks out over the land, gazing now and rubbing his knees. Vardaman turns and Anse calls him without looking around. His eyes fall on the land all the time. The rain tastes sulfur and the drops drop thin like pinstripes. Like Phaeton, he does not understand retrograde, he watches the rain and his breath, and he sees his teeth. He does not understand that fire is a pillar and water is a sword and both are desperate. Jewel’s mother is Jupiter and Jewel’s mother’s eyes do not wander even when it rains. Shut her eyes.

1: The article says "ambiance and atmosphere" but I wonder if the models were hired for their looks and gender as much as most of the comments here assume, as opposed to simply adding some diversity to the company's social events. Not ethnic diversity, and only secondarily gender diversity; but just having some non-tech, non-geeky guests who will talk about something other than the company's products or where the industry is going.

Have you ever been to a social gathering of economists? All it takes is two, and they'll usually spend the whole evening talking about economics. I used to think economists were the worst, but having attended a lawyers' get-together, I think lawyers might be even worse, or at least that group of lawyers was. The non-lawyers pretty much had to huddle together because the lawyers were only talking about law stuff.

I have not been to any Silicon Valley get-togethers but I can imagine them having a lot in common with the economists' and lawyers'. And benefitting from the presence of some non-insiders.

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