Sunday assorted links

1. What ever happened to automobile insurance as an economic issue?

2. Why are guitar sales declining?

3. What is Mitch Daniels doing with Purdue?

4. Are Mormon beauty queens taking over your Instagram feed?

5. “For all the deserved attention the opioid crisis gets, alcohol overuse remains a persistent public health problem and is responsible for more deaths, as many as 88,000 per year.” NYT link here.

6. The Black Mirror, season four episode “USS Callister” is worth watching, reviews here, among other things it is a retelling of The Tempest albeit with updated plot twists.  And profile of actress Hong Chau from Downsizing (NYT).  The movie is also relatively sophisticated on “disability issues.”

7. One of the more interesting, informationally dense, acousto-electric best music of 2017 lists.

8. Six volcanoes to watch in 2018.


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