Thursday assorted links

1. “And the real Dr. Ashkin wrote to his doppelganger in Utah with a remarkably generous offer. He said he would find a place for Hewitt in an actual physics program where he could quickly earn an actual Ph.D. and relieve himself of the stress of being an imposter. Hewitt declined and the university quietly dismissed him.”  Link here.

2. “For those unfamiliar with it, Dynamicland (from what I know of it, at least) is a computing environment at room / space scale. The room is the computer, and as much as possible, computing happens with physical objects. This enables you to interact with your whole body, to see systems by picking them up, and to share computing space with multiple people (compare this to traditional computing with a mouse and keyboard, with 1 person per computer and minimal sharing).

For starters, there’s a newly active twitter account showing off things…”  Source link here.

3. Books Mises wanted to see written: most of them still have not been done…get to work!  And the silent comedy of Jackie Chan.

4. Matt Notowodigdo recommends some favorite economics articles from the year, very good list.

5. Is the Republican tax plan raising the effective capital gains rate?  And for homes?

6. The game theory of recognizing Jerusalem, by Noah Feldman.


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