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1. Brazil would never allow this insidious Japanese plot to slip by them!

Then, they are wise. People laughed about Hitler the way you laugh about the Japanese. When people decided it was not funny anymore, it was too late.

It is a remarkable and thorough unexpected use of the technology whoever discovered it. A bit like discovering nuclear fission in order to remove the planet that is blocking your view.

So I suspect it is probably fake news.

accompany of circumstance


I don't know about reversing it. I think the best thing would be to ignore it.

+1. Obvious troll list

I forgot all about Tyler's anti-Kentucky bigotry.

#4 Really Florida ranked at the bottom on/at everything and Michigan ranked number one..Michigan???

Makes perfect sense to rank Michigan No. 1, but Ohio should be dead last instead of just No. 48.

the hits keep coming, u lil' pp shit f o's

I am going to volunteer for a FL gov campaign fall 18. Who should i vol for? What r pleasant places to live in FL? I lean toward MIA, so your specifying MIA burbs and barrios would b valuable for me

4. Florida's governor was CEO of a hospital company when it received the largest Medicare fraud penalty ever, that's ever. You know, Medicare, the health care for seniors. So what does the CEO do? He moves to Florida and is elected governor. Twice. I don't blame the Russians. I blame stupid people in Florida - there aren't that many Russians in Florida. No, not native Floridians like myself, but stupid people who moved to Florida from places such as Michigan, which, by the way, was ranked first. Of course, it's possible that all the stupid people in Michigan moved to Florida. Possible, but not likely. My observation is that while regional convergence may have declined, regional stupidity has not.

"Once you unpack the complicated racial tension caused by the US’ unlawful annexation of the island and exposed by that one beach scene from the seminal Hawaii movie of our time (Blue Crush), you come to realize that most people wish they were the ones that grew up here."

It was perfectly legal and moral as President Roosevelt pointed out in his Grotton speech. And it is said to see that, again, Massachusstes is heavily penalized by malefactors of great wealth for actually being a decent state where people can live instead of being crushed by plutocratic exploration.

dear, lil f o, nobody s heads

dear, lil, p p fo, shitto's

Re: 4

Ranking the places I've lived: NC > CO > NY > MI

CO trending down nowadays.

Hmm, my personal ranking of places that I've lived is:

CA > WA > OR > MA > IL > MO > AL

But that list is clearly based on my personal preferences or biases. I slightly disagree with Tyler about reversing the list in #4, they look more like random lists and as someone else said, should thus be ignored.

Why CO trending down? Just curious.

a winding way back home with farmer's rock walls and sugar maples

dear, lil s hole, tryihg 2 keep that rhytm going, lil p p s's

lil f o wreck em ups

heh, lil f o's, f u

dear lil shitto's

#3: Sumner's good at reminding you that Sumner's an ass.

Good comment.

It appears that this is what it has come to. Open the Trump calumnies by confessing to TDS; pronouncing a (bogus) diagnosis of non-TDS; and quoting Douthat's anti-Trump bulls--t.

I call it "delicious delirium."

Art Deco has the smoothly exhibited ability to distinguish himself from others, that are trying to impersonate him, with a few turn of the woirds.

the cheap imitators, come & go

basketball sneakers & small change

dear, lil f o, nobody sheads, a girl sings a song above

2. it is better for, if we play the game without those things. Right? It's better if we can play baseball without using substances that may harm us. And without using artificial things that create statistical illusions. It's better if we can do that[?]; and I know that these people merely wanted to keep the game healthy, wanted to keep it pure; and did not want anyone to get unfair advantage. And so there is general perspective on the issue. But I do disagree with it.

At the same time that steroids and other PEDs are forbidden to athletes, surgical modifications are OK, Tommy John surgery, Lasix eye treatments, etc. Why is the pill bad but the knife good?

Adderall isn't banned for players who have diagnosed ADHD. Albuterol isn't banned for players with diagnosed asthma. So you didn't have a point in the first place.

Tommy John surgery and Lasix are recommended to normal people who are injured/near-sighted, so that they can return to health. A healthy citizen is never prescribed steroids to get more jacked, since it entails lifelong dangers.

In the instances when they would be prescribed, maybe there's an argument.

"A healthy citizen is never prescribed steroids to get more jacked, since it entails lifelong dangers."

Everything has some danger associated with it. I dont see a case being made that steroids are so much more dangerous that they should be forbidden.

Also, i doubt very much that it really is the case that healthy people are not prescribed steroids to get bigger. When i was a scrawny young lad my doctor offered to prescribe some for me to gain weight and he was no pill pusher of a doctor. I know for a fact that there are plenty of doctors who will write a script for damn near anything if the risk is not too great.

what does it take to get rid of the MC spam creep on here??

I'd say some comments moderation (with an attached and enforced policy) would probably alleviate it. Or make it that people have to sign in with their own username, at the very least. So you don't get all the impersonators and such.

I know that Tyler occasionally comments on the (lack of) quality in the comments section. But it's like complaining about an untended garden being overgrown.

You missed the bush hogging a couple of weeks ago, didn't you?

Russ Roberts is a national treasure.

Re previous: Imagine knowing every statistic about yourself

Jogging data around sensitive locations.

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