Wednesday assorted links

1. Carmen must not die.  And the great Barbara Adams Mowat (Folger editions editor) has passed away.

2. The culture that is Ann Arbor: “Sterilized Ann Arbor deer may get yoga mats to help with recovery.

3. Is the world running short of sand?

4. “Startups dedicated to untreated water are gaining steam. Zero Mass Water, which allows people to collect water from the atmosphere near their homes, has already raised $24 million in venture capital.

5. MIE: Slavoj Zizek mini-skirts.

6. “The agreement stipulated that after becoming dentists, her sons would pay her 60 percent of their net profits until the total amount paid reached 50 million new Taiwan dollars, or just under $1.7 million.”  Link here (NYT).

7. What are the five dimensions of curiosity?


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