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# 1 “As yet, Arabfuturism is much more of a sentiment in flux than a movement.”
Ok, then. Proceed.
#2 So that is it. Skopje must appease the Greek bullies. Has it ever worked?

4. I've worked with lawyers who were more confident in their advice than Trump has ever been about anything. And equally as wrong. And like Trump and his followers, the clients loved their (way over) confident lawyers. When I was a young lawyer, the senior attorneys at my firm said the tell if I was giving advice to clients about something I had not a clue: LOUD, I WOULD SPEAK VERY LOUD. now i speak in a whisper, even if i know what i am talking about.

Not much meat in #5. It is just about social sciences (in the narrow sense, without Economics or History for instance), anyway. Who cares?

#2. I know there's the grand contention between Greek Macedonia and FYROM about who's a "real" Macedonia, but is there actual irredentism in play here? And if there is, then wouldn't a joint Greek/Macedonian summit make more sense if people want to merge?

The irredentism is all on one side.

Look, afrofuturism and arabfuturism are both micro aggressions. Afro and Arab are not places, thus they can have no future. Right away the term leaves me defensive. Like bad feminism. But so would good feminism. A micro aggression is just passive aggressiveness, or tantrum throwing, or just not being decent. It's a get out of a jail free card. The question all roads lead to is should feminism be taught in college or high school. The answer is yes. I repeat, the answer is no. The truth is feminism is taught in school mandatorily with Title 9. The truth is if its the worst problem you have in your school, more power to you.

No. tl;dr is the Macedonians appropriated Greek culture,(I guess assassinations and communism aren't the stuff of a glorious history) and the Greeks are acting like an ethnic studies department about it.

According to my logic, Flannery O'Connor wished to be a Vādaḷī āṅkaḍō

3. It's not the means that matter, it's the ends. It may be a Soviet practice, but the goal is certainly not to resurrect Soviet ends or the Soviet scale of values. It's not for nothing that Putin ensures that Russian high schools teach the literature of Solzhenitsyn to ensure that the mistakes of the past are never repeated. Putin, as a Russian patriot, understands that the post-1917 Soviet experiment ultimately weakened Russia. He's doing all he can to restore her pre-1917 greatness.

And, as a former member of the KGB, Putin is undoubtedly doing his best to ensure that the only serious threat to any modern Russian government remains as hobbled in that regard as possible.

"He’s doing all he can to restore her pre-1917 greatness."

Serfdom, pogroms and being crushed by the Hun?! Let us be honest: Russia is an alcoholic, sorry excuse for a country.


Greatness? You keep using that word, I don't think you know what it means.

Don't turn around, oh oh oh...
Der Kommissar's in town, oh oh oh.....

You do realise that Russia abolished serfdom before the US abolished slavery?

But is anyone trying to make America as great as it was under Buchanan? I mean, the 1917 boundary does not leave much unserfed history to be cherished. Maybe we can say that some good things (and some pogroms) happened between 1861 and 1914, but it still does not look good. Maybe we can just say hat like the South Russia shall rise again...

'But is anyone trying to make America as great as it was under Buchanan?'

Yes, and he rides a horse named Sassy.

Eh? What sort of jessie calls a horse "Sassy"?

Former KGB officer turned Russia's undisputed ruler is interested in returning the Red Army to its former thoroughly reliable shape?

Is this where someone says they are shocked, shocked to see commissars watching over the Red Army?

Prior, the 80s are calling you...

Do tbey want cocaine?

The 80s? No, we are talking more than 60 years earlier, back when the initials were Cheka, and the major figure was called Felix Dzerzhinsky.

But then, Putin being a chekist, probably knows this history much better than you or I.

To be fair, Dzerzhinsky, as opposed to Beria, Yezhov and Yagoda, died a natural death.

Sorry, a little too obscure of a reference to a buffon belittling Romney's concerns about Russia.

I think there is some interesting discussion to be had, about how Romney was right and how he was wrong. My reading is that he saw Russia building for conventional warfare and 80's style theater threat, if not domination. I don't think we got that. Putin understands that he can't dominate any theater "toe to toe with the Americanskis" and so he has decided to be a global spoiler. A wild card. Someone who pisses in the punch bowl.

So there is a threat, but a different one, requiring a different response. A bigger US Navy doesn't help protect Illinois poling stations.

'belittling Romney’s concerns about Russia'

It is so easy to forget just how little people remember that trivial little October Revolution a century ago.

Or how when an observation is made about a Russian with a particular background, it is somehow all about the U.S.

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ February 23, 2018 at 4:36 pm

It is sad how many Trumpians, and I’m not saying you are one, write off the attempts at voting systems intrusion.

It is entirely predictable how many Leftists insist that we are all doomed despite the utter lack of evidence of a problem. The "Russian Threat" is a good example. People who were utterly delighted about Soviet infiltration of the American government in the 1950s - and have been lying about it ever since - are suddenly wailing about the election being hacked. Only most people are relaxed about it because it turns out to be less and less of a story every time someone reports on it. The Russians did not meddle in the vote count as was originally claimed. Even your link is revealing the grave threat of Russian hackers reading the Voter Register. I mean ignore the fact that you can buy a copy most places, what precisely do we care if the Russians have the names of all the voters?

It is the most pathetically trivial story in modern history and yet it is being treated with hysterics. Bed wetters are just going to wet the bed I suppose.

There was exactly one path to success.

In it a wise statesman selected Paul Manafort as his campaign manager, knowing his full history, and because he was the best choice for the nation.

Good luck making that one work. And every other more likely possiblity is downhill from there. Some real possibilities are way downhill at this point. Like, Manafort was serving the oligarchs and preening the stooge.

Here's the description of another European leader:

"In 1968, Merkel joined the Free German Youth (FDJ), the official communist youth movement sponsored by the ruling Marxist–Leninist Socialist Unity Party of Germany.[22][23][24] Membership was nominally voluntary, but those who did not join found it difficult to gain admission to higher education.[25] She did not participate in the secular coming of age ceremony Jugendweihe, however, which was common in East Germany. Instead, she was confirmed.[26] During this time, she participated in several compulsory courses on Marxism-Leninism with her grades only being regarded as "sufficient".[27]

Later, at the Academy of Sciences, she became a member of its FDJ secretariat. According to her former colleagues, she openly propagated Marxism as the secretary for "Agitation and Propaganda".[28] However, Merkel has denied this claim and stated that she was secretary for culture, which involved activities like obtaining theatre tickets and organising talks by visiting Soviet authors.[29] She stated "I can only rely on my memory, if something turns out to be different, I can live with that."

The Germans have ever been great liars. I'm not saying she was an actual communist, just that being involved in the party or government shouldn't cosign one to eternal damnation. You'd have joined to, but they'd have kicked you out.

*have never

Yes, the FDJ is just like the KGB. Mass executions included, right?

Now, if Merkel was a member of the Hitlerjugend like Pope Brenedict XVI, we might be a bit closer to something like equivalence.

#2: that's pathetic. Vote this poltroon out of office.

4. I believe N. N. Taleb has something to say about giving advice without having skin in the game. It is certainly true that the nature of advice you give changes considerably if you have something to lose in the case your advice fails. Or if you have to act according to your advice yourself.

4. Yes, so much this.

I was always a "realist." But realists can never be leaders because no one will ever say "lets storm the beaches I calculate we have a 60% chance of taking 20% casualities, 50% chance of 30%...."

Unfortunately decision makers need to be realists. But we tend to make overconfident types our leaders.

Thankfully I found my niche in life - risk management. In risk doubt is king.


You mean, like letting women go outside whenever they want? Or is that still too futuristic?

>Statues being removed

Destroy the past to preserve the future. Sign these guys up for the Democrat party! Or the Taliban. Whatevs.

>Do people dislike uncertain advice?

No one can say for sure.

6. Why no explanation for the significant increase in health care labor supply thanks to Obamacare expanding the government regulated worker jobs in Kentucky - only regulated workers get paid by expanded Medicaid, or new Obamacare private insurance?

On the other hand, Texas deregulated health care workers by eliminating funding for Federally regulated workers, replacing them with unregulated health care workers. Ie, Texas has eliminated Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood, but replaced it with unregulated Christian faith family planning workers with no medical certification, but lots of Bible based health care. Ie, the day after sex, a tiny baby that looks a year old is in the girls stomach, rape is God's plan, etc. Pregnancy is God's punishment for sin.

Arabfuturism is a new and necessary artistic movement for countering the xenophobia and racism of Europe and America, argues Perwana Nazif.

Great. Appropriating the triumphs of Western civilization by putting a Palestinian flag on it and calling it Arab is sure going to win over them there racists.

As long as it doesn't provoke them into saying something really racist - like, Arab Muslims have contributed remarkably little to the modern world and even the PLO needed the Czechs to teach them how to blow up airliners, so doing this sort of thing simply highlights the differences between the two cultures. Or perhaps Herzl said "If you will it, it is no dream" but he understood at some point dreaming is not enough and it is time for practical politics. The Arab world seems big on the dream and less so on the practicalities.

But of course, if they did say something like that, all us Rightthinkful people would condemn them. After all, Sun Ra is a perfectly good role model for the Third World. Or perhaps she wants to get a job at Berkeley?

The Arab world is a place that would benefit from thinking a lot more about the future, and a lot less about the past.

I don't read the comments regularly and so this is just a guess, but I think that was in the top one percent of the top one percent of your thousands of comments on this site, H Meade. Have a nice weekend!

I'd shorten it to "the Arab world is a place that would benefit from thinking."

That "Anonymous" was not me, by the way: Proverbs 15:22-23 would be my further contribution to this short discussion.

I don't know whether to feel slightly complimented or slightly insulted. I'd only rate it as one standard deviation above average.

I am not sure I agree. The past clearly does shape the future. If nothing else it provides excuses for future atrocities which is very important when everyone else is committed to future atrocities.

I would say they are learning the wrong lessons of the past but then I am not sure that is true either. Take Black America. A lot of young Black men learn the same lesson from the past many people in the Middle East do - because of some transgression a long time ago against people vaguely connected with them, they are justified in committing atrocities now against people of the other community. It doesn't work out for all of them, but the Black community can rely on White Guilt to shower them with money. So it works out for a lot of them.

The Blacks are so rich, too rich, and it's all money stolen from young, white, high IQ alt-right culture warriors. When do they start getting serious about taking back from The Blacks what is rightfully theirs?

Black on white homicides are exceedingly unusual in this country. Black on white rapes and robberies are more common, but, for the most part, black hoodlums target those who are conveniently located.

#3. Speaking of commissars, I recommend watching 'The Death of Stalin', starring Steve Buscemi as Kruschev. It's hilarious. And it's been banned in Russia!

1. So we've moved to the whole dream planet of the Arabs? How about not driving any more trucks into crowds, or assassinating any more magazine staffs? That might so something to reduce the "racism and xenophobia" of Europe and America.

#5 - 5. Does the tenure process induce focus on American topics? - adjusted for GDP, arguably American topics are the most important, not to mention America is on the frontier of the production possibilities curve. Do the math: the GDP of Pakistan (about $300B or so, from memory, with a population of 200M people) and the Philippines (also roughly $300B, with 100M people, nominal GDP which is the only metric that matters), have a combined GDP of less than the greater Washington DC area (roughly $600B with less than 10M people). So 300M hard-working people world-wide matter less, economically, than 10M paper-shuffling boffins in the DC area.

In short, developing countries don't matter. Speaking as somebody who is living in a developing country (and loving it, but not for cutting edge economic theory reasons).

What was America's second biggest secret during WW2? It was synthetic rubber. The german brazillian alliance couldn't get it done Tagalog is phillipine dialect spoken around the great canals in those countries. The canals with the mules that push the boats, the boats steared by a till. It is over in America, the age of canals is over. It is sad story I write sadder than the sad flood of 1913.

developing countries do matter. they are full of interesting people, many of whom are geniuses in their way. For example, there is not a country on the face of the earth (with the possible exception of one or two very small island nations) where there are not thousands of young people who can draw a tree better than I can. Just to give a humble example. And, for the record, non-geniuses are very interesting too, often even more interesting than the geniuses (and yes I have known several people who thought- not without external validation - that they were Nobel-worthy geniuses and more than half of them were so boring that I would be very upset if a daughter or a niece were to tell me they were going to marry them. Take a long walk in Cebu and think about that: drink some coffee first, Ruy. I had to laugh that time a guy who reminds me of you told me I was a patzer - during the middle of the game - the endgame shut him up.)

the paper-shuffling matters, and you should not steal boring old words from old English school-boys: or, if you do, be prepared to state which country suffers less from their boffins (don't say Norway - an ethnic enclave with a great history but, in modern terms, basically a Navajo reservation with oil wells instead of casinos) than the United States, and, since there are such countries, be prepared to say why.

Rethinking it - don't say boffins again.

Also, nobody really cares about the tenure process. 95 percent of university teachers would rather have similar-paying jobs away from the university (but still in something like a university town, if you take my meaning, as an arrogant professor (or the old Gaffer) might say, or no jobs at all, at similar pay, of course. The other 5 percent were born that way. I watched "Goodbye Mr Chips" the other night, good God, who would want to be a teacher if they could have another job? The Browning Version and Who wants to ask Virginia Woolf to a Party are even worse. Flannery O'Connor said, don't talk to me about the poor, we are all the poor (or was that Mother Theresa, whom I have been thinking about a lot lately - to be fair, I have been thinking a lot about John Belushi, too. Cocaine is really bad for anyone, by the way, Ray.: don't forget to pass along that good advice to anyone you care about who might be tempted to try cocaine in the leafy shadows of their ivory towers. I know that you personally are better than that. Taking cocaine should be as embarrassing as scarfing down a box of Ho-Hos).

In January, 2012, Mr. Deitch said of a new project in Redhook, ““I want to do something big and fresh,” he says. But also: “I do want a space that I can control. ” Of course, Mr. Deitch was fired (or he resigned) like Mr. Schimmel, after three turbulent years of a five year contract in July of 2013.
Art reached its apex in Germany, and fascism reached its apex under Nazism. Those ideas did not just disappear. They are alive. They have adapted. The spiritual reckoning of the art market has come online and become inflamed with software platforms like Artsy. If it quacks like a duck, I always say.

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