Monday assorted links

1. Europe is dropping the ball on AI and in some ways positively discouraging it.  And too many crummy firms in Europe: “Using a new survey, we show that the dispersion of marginal products across firms in the European Union is about twice as large as that in the United States. Reducing it to the US level would increase EU GDP by more than 30 percent. Alternatively, removing barriers between industries and countries would raise EU GDP by at least 25 percent.”

2. Remember when Clearchannel was going dominate all radio, forever?

3. Marcel Gauchet on democracy and the sweep of history.

4. How two economists got access to IRS tax data.  Bravo to them I say, but it’s worth noting that the shift from regression-driven to data set-driven economics has been a remarkably inegalitarian development, widely praised by most top academic economists.  So often progress means a willingness to disregard or even stomp on egalitarian norms.

5. The economics of why some restaurants need to leave Queens.

6. Kling on the new Chetty-Hendren-Jones-Porter results.

7. Those new service sector jobs: Iraqi war architect Paul Bremer now a ski instructor in Vermont.


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