Those new service sector jobs, China tech edition

Ms. Shen is a “programmer motivator,” as they are known in China. Part psychologist, part cheerleader, the women are hired to chat up and calm stressed-out coders. The jobs are proliferating in a society that largely adheres to gender stereotypes and believes that male programmers are “zhai,” or nerds who have no social lives.

…He said he was open to the idea of male programmer motivators but somewhat skeptical. “A man chatting with another man, it’s like going out on a date with a guy,” Mr. Feng said. “A little awkward, isn’t it?”

Ms. Zhang, the human resources executive who was part of the panel that hired Ms. Shen, stressed that it is important for a programmer motivator to look good. She said the applicants needed to have “five facial features that must definitely be in their proper order” and speak in a gentle way.

They should also have a contagious laugh, be able to apply simple makeup and be taller than 5 feet 2 inches.

…Ms. Shen said that she does not consider her job to be sexist.

Here is the full story from Sui-Lee Wee at the NYT.


So, if this catches on broadly in China, would it likely to lead to more or less violence involving incels?

Yeah, the thing is most of these programmers (like all programmers) are incel cucks so they only women they get close to need to be paid. Men with real careers don't need to have women paid to hang around them.


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I think you forgot to not be a Cuck today!

what's the central idea?

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"Men with real careers don't need to have women paid to hang around them."

So apparently Trump is a cuck then?

I bet the masseuse is not from Tsinghua.

Ms. Shen might have a high level job in government sometime in her future. Rick Perry was a "Yell Leader" in college, and he went on to be governor of Texas, presidential candidate, and now U.S. Secretary of Energy. The man is dumb as a brick, so his experience as a Yell Leader has served him well.

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People throw around the 'stupid' or 'dumb' epithet a lot but it rarely applies to high level politicians, a truly stupid person is rare there. Trump, Bush II, Biden, etc. get called that but they are all above average intelligence. Perry is actually a stupid man.

msgkings is here. Small penis alert!

George W. Bush was a cheerleader in prep school, and later at Yale.

Let us be blunt: we are talking about very disturbed people.

Because China and Japan are the same thing? You should know that Chinese and Japanese cultures are as different as Japanese and American cultures.

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"Because China and Japan are the same thing? You should know that Chinese and Japanese cultures are as different as Japanese and American cultures."
They are both totalitarian anti-West regimes. But, funnily enough, Americans respect more those who murdered young Americans (Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Saudis) than those who fought alongside Americans for freedom.

This may shock you Thiago, but WW2 was almost 80 years ago. Virtually everyone alive during WW2 is dead. Most people aren't dumb enough to judge a country by its population from 3 generations ago. Most people...

Ok, then. "A man will sooner forget the death of his father than the loss of his inheritance"- Machiavelli
Why care about their crimes when there is so much money to make, right?

The girl shown in the article does not qualify for her position...

What's strange is when you read about China, it would seem that the service sector is underweight. But when you travel to Chinese cities, the service sector seems so bloated, bursting at the seams even.

Even granting that China is only, say, 50 years behind the US on gender stereotypes (and Japanese perhaps 20), (sajiao 撒娇 is also something that warrants discussion), it at least complicates some of the over simplifications people in this country resort to when discussing the effects of religion.

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Does it work?

After all, if the world is now run by whoever has the best programmers, shouldn’t we expect that they would get more perks?

I guess I don’t see this as much different than tech firms putting gourmet restaurants, nice gyms and fancy lounges in their office buildings. If anything it might be a cheaper and more effective option.

There are several millions more men than women. Thus is just another chapter of that story.

Median penis size for a programming is 2 milimetres.

I guess this will just have to do until they perfect the VR and sexbots. Probably better than most ideas that come out of HR anyway

The funny thing is the vast majority of programmers have micropenises so they couldn't even penetrate these women even if the women let them.

There is no man alive who knows the vast world of penises like you do.

"Plans are proceeding to expand's offices overseas, including a new office in Toronto Ontario, to be led by former psychology professor, Jordan Peterson."

5 facial features. Sure.

Fake news, like almost every other story in the news about "crazy" China. American media gets reliable clicks for these stories from their gullible marks because it fits the narrative of Chinese weirdness. My coworkers constantly embarrass themselves when they ask me if they've heard of any of these stories.

By the way, this would be an impossible story in India. While it is customary for western commentators to bemoan the treatment of women in Asia, they do not acknowledge that gender biases work in different ways in different countries.

This job profile cannot be opened in any nook of India without causing a national uproar.

Just to be devil's advocate, can this be viewed as China being more advanced than India, and hence women feeling freer to do more feminine jobs than coding?

Maybe. But you don't see liberals reacting to this positively. They clearly call this out as sexism of the worst kind.

There are many definitions and conceptions of liberalism floating around. But I am not a liberal. So I let liberalism be defined by liberals themselves. And the fact is - as per most liberals this occupation is sexist and regressive. And there is a puritan in me somewhere which looks askance at this too.

What's definitely true though that India is more "progressive" than China if commoditization of women were the criterion to rank the two.

Fair enough. "Progressives" from the 60s or 70s would likely have viewed this as China giving more freedom to women than India (in fact, many criticisms India has faced have been along these lines), but who are we to libsplain to today's progressives what their ideals are :)

"This job profile cannot be opened in any nook of India without causing a national uproar."

I disagree because there's little evidence to believe that. It is not clear on what basis you're making that statement. India objectifies women far more than China, and Chinese women are more respected than Indian women by their male counterparts on average - in every way. Chinese women are also more successful than Indian women and live far better lives - in every way. Comparing India to China for women's rights is like comparing Mexico to Canada. I can throw a bunch of statistics at you, but I'm sure you can Google them yourself.

Since there is no hard evidence that that job position has not been tried in India that I know of, so we are forced to extrapolate from other factors relating to gender equality. And your comment is the opposite of that. So in any sensible discussion, your views are not related to any objective treatment of facts. It's like the famous Russell's Teapot problem.

Moreover, if it WERE true hypothetically, it would have absolutely no relation to the overall status of women in India vs China. After all, Hollywood objectifies women too, does that also mean that "gender biases work in different ways in different countries."?

(PS: If the western media applied the same standard to India that it applies to China, a typical western journalist would respond to your comment in this way: "In a country where even gang rapes these days cause little uproar beyond short-lived social media posts, it is doubtful that such a job profile will cause one." Of course, the fact that gang rapes DO cause an uproar in India will be selectively ignored, since we are applying the China standard here.)

"In a country where even gang rapes these days cause little uproar beyond short-lived social media posts"

Well. you are dead wrong there.

Rape rates in India are pretty similar to China's. And a very small fraction of US rape rates.

"Well. you are dead wrong there."

No - I did NOT say that. Point out where I said anything even remotely like this. I was quoting a hypothetical western journalist who would say something this by ignoring the actual protests that took place in response to gang rapes. So apart from saying things which have no basis in fact, and attributing false quotes to people, you're unethical too. You should become a journalist!

"Rape rates in India are pretty similar to China's"

Again - there's no evidence for this, since there are no official statistics on rape in China. Since there are no facts available, of course people like you - and those journalists - invent their own facts.

But we can extrapolate from other data on violent crimes in these two countries, and the facts are pretty clear. India has more violent crime than China in every single category - literally. So it follows that in the absence of any direct evidence, it is highly likely that India has more rapes per capita than China.

I never said India has a lower crime rate than China.

Evidence suggests both India and China have very low crime rates, much lower than most of the New World, definitely lower than America.

Between India and China, I grant that India has a slightly higher crime rate, as well as rape rate. But it is still very low relative to US.

Your ignorance is amazing, but not surprising. Saying that India has a "slightly higher" crime rate than China is like saying that the US has slightly higher school shootings than Canada.

But of course, truth does not matter. Since India is a US-friendly democracy, it receives far more favorable press in the west than China. And this propaganda trickles down to people like you.

We have more disguised versions of that in the US: It's not uncommon for small startups to have a 100% female recruiting team (other than, probably, the lead of recruiting, who as if by magic is typically a male), and they all happen to be very beautiful, as if plain looking women couldn't be recruiters.

Same things with receptionists, and many other not-quite-tech jobs. A recent example I have seen was a 50 employee company, where all developers, managers and executives are males, and every support staff is a young woman.

Attraction anchoring.

Job requirements are set by the free market. If you disagree with that you must move to North Korea.

A few years ago I went to a talk that was ostensibly about best software practices but was actually about 1990s Microsoft. The speaker described a support staff position that Microsoft had that sounds very similar to this. I forget what he said they were called, though.

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Not a new service sector job. This is a Geisha by another name and has been in existence for centuries.

what's up with Art Deco today? he's usually marginally less insane. Did he, in fact, forget his meds today? Or just get hacked?

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