A simple point about Conversations with Tyler

As you may know from the series, I put in a good amount of preparation for each guest, generally absorbing as much of their life’s work as I can get my hands on.  Even for authors where I have read plenty of them before, I try to reread them fairly comprehensively and all at once, plus some of the secondary literature, criticisms, and the like.  And of course hardly anyone else does this in such a concentrated manner, even if they over time have read everything an author has produced.

Virtually everyone I have done this with has gone up in my eyes as a result.  Both as a content creator and as a “carrier of a career.”

Just keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to criticism a well-known person harshly.  Or for that matter a less well-known person.

You don’t understand them as well as you might.


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