Yes we will be making the MR font darker again

But it will take a bit of time. We thank you for your patience and also for your counsel.


But will it be made great again?

Only for those readers in the USA!!!! #MAGA

Isn't America great now?

Gimme a little more time!

Will it happen after the Wall is built and she is locked up?

Body {
Color: Black;

Hahaha... that's exactly what I thought.

"black" instead of RGB code?

Plenty of ways to do it -

Actually, you'd need to do this:

address, blockquote, dd, dt, figcaption, label, li, p, td, th, time {
color: black;

Css-splaining. might take a while for this new look to grow on me.

Coarser, clunky-looking compared to last week.

Much less professional. Much more high-school glee-clubby.

"What if we paid for MR?" :-)

After this redesign, I'd ask for a refund!

All those of you being critical of the web designer, please understand that Tyler has studied his work extensively before having a long conversation with him. Your criticisms based on the little snippets of his work that you think you've seen are uninformed. :-)

"All those of you being critical of the web designer, please understand that Tyler has studied his work extensively before having a long conversation with him. Your criticisms based on the little snippets of his work that you think you've seen are uninformed. :-)"



Very droll


Hmmm, do we know if the good looking girls are more likely to read this format rather than the old format. Because that's going to be an indicator of quality.....

Hey Tyler,

Maybe you and Taleb can talk about what's gong on in Syria.

"Phoney gas attacks in Syria"

"Remember Iraq & WMD"

Is Taleb an idiot? We know that Syria has used gas on civilians in the recent past. It's hardly preposterous to believe they've used them again.

Agree it's not preposterous, the guy has a history, but why on Earth would Assad decide on a chemical attack just days after Trump announces plans to reduce US involvement in Syria, and Assad is this close to complete victory? He might have, but what is his angle?

"He might have, but what is his angle?"

The NYT's has a pretty straightforward reason:

"The attack appeared to break the will of Douma’s rebels, who agreed on Sunday to a deal with the government to hand the area over and be bused to another area outside government control in the country’s north. Thousands of fighters and tens of thousands of their relatives are expected to leave soon."

I think we should look at the evidence.

"Dozens of Syrians choked to death after a suspected chemical attack struck the rebel-held suburb of Douma, east of Damascus, with aid groups on Sunday blaming President Bashar al-Assad’s government for the assault and Western governments expressing outrage.

Rescue workers in Syria reported finding at least 42 people dead in their homes from apparent suffocation, and antigovernment activists circulated videos of lifeless men, women and children sprawled out on floors and in stairwells, many with white foam coming from their mouths and nostrils.

A stream of patients with burning eyes and breathing problems were rushed to clinics after the attack at dusk on Saturday, medical and rescue groups said."

I'm interested in giving the situation a few days to clarify, but the evidence so far is leaning strongly towards a chemical attack.

"The US president demanded access be opened to Douma, the last of three besieged districts in the Ghouta area to remain under opposition control, to verify what had happened. He issued a statement along with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, vowing to “co-ordinate a strong, joint response”."

Is there any legitimate reason why Assad would block international observers from visiting Douma?

Good post. The weird thing is we saw a similar cycle almost exactly one year ago: (1) Trump talks Syria pullout, (2) chemical attack, (3) US back in the game, bombs Syria, (4) Media: Is Trump growing into the job?

It's almost like Assad wants to keep the US in the game. Another chemical attack would do the trick.

Anyway, I try to keep an open mind about such things; my original point is that Taleb likely holds an unconventional opinion on this and it's a topical issue.

"my original point is that Taleb likely holds an unconventional opinion"

I rate: defending tyrants that use poison gas on children as lower than "holding an unconventional opinion".

I know, right? Poison gas on adults is cool tho.

Hey there. Poison gas used, Women and children hit hardest.

Know your memes BD!

We are to believe that Assad decided to use the one type of weapon that is guaranteed to trigger a US response, at precisely the time when it would have the most influence on the US's long-term involvement in Syria, and in a manner that the newspapers were (again) able to take many prize-winning vivid photos of dead children?

It is impossible for any of us to assess the evidence. Who has any clue what a chemical attack looks like, versus a not-a chemical attack? (I watched a couple seasons of 24...) Seeing dead children triggers an extreme emotional response, however.

Assad is not the only stakeholder. The fact that the US and Russia have invested as much as they have in Syria strongly suggests each side is fighting for something... and it's not humanitarianism. (Something about a pipeline?)

I find it just plausible that Assad is a madman as I do the US or Russia perpetrated/facilitated or invented this chemical attack. This is called a "conspiracy theory" but I really don't understand why... if the US military has a goal that can be achieved by gasing 40 Syrians and blaming Assad, or spending $N billion more, what's the least N for which they gas the Syrians?

So you've come to realize that your readership is probably not teenagers?

Light fonts are trendy, very graphic designy, but do not pair well with presbyopia

It is, like, so untrue. Many of us totally read dense economical treatments of everyday situations to get, like, an insight on the modern world.

On the old site, there was one response form, and clicking "respond" pulled that response form into place.

On the new site, every single comment has a built-in hidden reply form, and hitting 'reply' unhides it.

I like this new design.

But yes, higher contrast text is always better. I can always tell when a web designer has an expensive monitor from Apple.

Those guys love to put slightly grey text on white backgrounds. They really need to test their work on a $150 monitor that's at least a couple of years old.

"I can always tell when a web designer has an expensive monitor from Apple."

It's also an indication that the person might have better color differentiation than average (women score much better than men).

Can't you copy the bare bones look of Instapundit? Those fonts are clear and easy to read and the masthead is unobtrusive.

? "On the new site, every single comment has a built-in hidden reply form, and hitting 'reply' unhides it."

No, that doesn't happen on some mainstream browsers -- still bugs to fix.

I see either one or two "Respond" buttons under each comment, randomly.
Neither button brings up window to respond to that specific comment, just a general window that permits a totally new (non-threaded) comment at very bottom of all previous comments.

New design is fine otherwise.

You see two replies because of nested comments.

I updated the MR kill file over at greasyfork, but 1) my comment got ate, possibly at spam, and 2) the instant I posted it, it stopped working completely for me. Computers are cursed.

Okay, version 0.60.3 at greasy fork dot org seems to work, but hiding the sidebar leaves a skinny ugly line down the page where it used to be.

Sweet! I just updated. Thanks DW.

Regular reader, web designer, and first time commenter. I like to read Paul Ford's essay "Launch" after every big site launch.

"Brace yourself for the initial angry wave of criticism: how dare you, I hate it, it's ugly, you're stupid. The Internet runs on knee-jerk reactions. People will test your work against their pet theories: It is not free, and thus has no value; it lacks community features; I can't believe you don't use dotcaps, lampsheets, or pixel scrims; it is not written in Rusp or Erskell; my cat is displeased. The ultimate question lurks beneath these curses: why wasn't I consulted?

"You take the criticism into consideration no matter how much vitriol wraps it, file away bug reports where appropriate, reply politely if it's worth it, and shrug. Then wait a few days. Now comes the more significant feedback--possibly praise, and, if you are lucky, not opinions but problems--things that you can think about and fix."

Yes, definitely make the font darker. Thanks.

Hey Tyler & Alex! Long time reader of MR, and a huge fan of your books (The Complacent Class is great). If you need work with your site, I’m available. Or if you need motion graphics help with the content on your Marginal Revolution YouTube channel. My portfolio is here:

More contrast. And serif. Spare us the Helvetica curse. Sans serif is for banners,,,

Yes. I thought I didn't care about fonts much until I saw how much easier it is to read the serif font in the quoted text versus the sans serif font everywhere else.


A hearty thanks for restoring underlining to the links! Much more visible.

"You see two replies because of nested comments."

...have never seen nested/threaded comments display this way, anywhere. And no displayed "Respond" buttons permit posting a nested comment. Seems to be a browser-rendering problem (Firefox especially) caused by some minor website config error.

I like how it looks. All around. #silentmajority

*Practical* wisdom is so elusive. Contrast and yes, serifs needed.

I don't care about the "look" but the text stretches far too wide across the page (desktop site). Should be 70-80 characters wide for readable text, and it's ~200 characters wide. You're breaking the #1, centuries-old rule of typography and opposing troves of human factors research.

I don't know that anyone is still checking these comments but here goes: The font is much better and underlining the blue has made a big difference on my laptop view, but on my iPhone the blue continues to be almost invisible to me especially in bright light.

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