Monday assorted links

1. For Ethiopian Christians, Pontius Pilate is a saint.

2. “Ethiopia to allow all Africans to visit without visas “very soon.””

3. In praise of Rob Wiblin.

4. “Over the past 24 months ransomware has become increasingly commoditised with the creators of more recent variants offering revenue-sharing agreements to “affiliate partners”. There is no longer a guarantee that insureds will get their data back, even if they pay the ransom. The “professionalism” associated with earlier strains of ransomware – where call centres were provided to talk victims through accessing Bitcoins in order to pay the ransom and get their data restored – has now all but gone.”  Link here.

5. Composer Charles Wuorinen is “almost a libertarian.”  And he is cranky about contemporary culture (NYT).  And MIE: Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus.

6. “But if built properly, these cryptocurrencies stand to play a dramatic role in making the Internet global (again).”  And I had never seen the word “cryptonanism” before.


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