Those new service sector jobs


Work is for little people. I prefer to just collect rent.

Don't you mean rentboys?

Ha! Once more, brevity works for you.

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I don't know whether it is strictly legal, but I hope you're really turning the screws on Millenials in particular. They have had it way too easy with the video games, safe playgrounds and easy student loan access.

That's the kind of stuff we will all be doing when robots take over. Looking forward to it!

Makes sense considering Air travel is going to the dogs.

There was a time Americans used to send people to the Moon, invent Jazz, win wars, break the sound barrier and build things, but now they Instagram dogs. How the mighty have fallen!

Yep would make a good meme

Cowen finds time to blog about Instagram dogs, meanwhile he still hasn't voiced support for his colleague Robin Hanson, whom he has known for decades and who is know facing unfair and slanderous attacks.

Hi Robin, I know times are tough, but this begging is a bit much. Don't worry, you can always find employment with far right...uh, think tanks that are more amenable to your rather striking views.

Tyler's the one that's been taking bribes at the Mercatus Center. He should have stepped down already as general director. Honestly, he should be stripped of tenure for what's been going on at Mercatus.

@Dmitry Helios: Your comment is very reminiscent of some uncouth Indian commenters who think anyone who writes negatively about some aspect of India is a "Porkistani".

Health insurance? Disability? Retirement benefits? Vacation time? Career advancement and training?

This is a shit job.

"You can expect to work between 25 and 40 hours per week."

So, $500 to $800 per week. With no benefits.

Indeed, shouldn't the media be full of irate editorials on the poverty level wages that they are paying for an intern to work in NYC? This is probably less than a NYC Uber driver makes.


How do you manage your job without benefits and guaranteed 40 hours? Do you live in a Medicaid expansion state? It can be rough, but I think you've got it figured out.


To a puppy dog, dollar signs make no sense. To an adult dog, the word dollar connotes a sign.

$20/hr. Where is the person going to live? If he/she is an out of state candidate, will she/he be able to afford rent in the city? What about food expenses? What about expenses for emergencies? Will $20/hr afford access to some of the simple joys of life? This is a shit job. This is not a shit job if the person has a pipe-line to a well-funded bank account.

but if you pay attention, the animals are taking over the social networks, everyone has a dog or a cat, so the morale of the dogs has gone up rsrsrs

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