Sunday assorted links

1. Mosaicism and mutation in the brain (NYT).  And why did brains get so big?

2. Treating overdoses as homicides? (NYT)

3. As I’ve said before, the most important thinkers of the next generation will be religious thinkers.

4. Amharic, or the language of the birds?  And an Ethiopia blog, by Yves-Marie Stranger.

5. An unusual bio.

6. The vanilla wars of Madagascar.

7. “The acquisition of the Komodo comes with the release of an exciting new version of the engine called Komodo Monte Carlo, where moves are chosen by win probability and not traditional evaluation. The approach is similar to the probabilistic methods of the machine-learning chess projects AlphaZero and LeelaChess, which have fascinated chess players with their intuitive styles and fantastic success.”  Link here.


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