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#2. It's Timothy Taylor

Well, yes, and some Boettke.

As this is an important econ matter -- the size scope and power of the state -- I wonder why it didn't get its own post. I think it's a fascinating debate.

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Okay not THAT Paul Verhoeven http://www.abc.net.au/news/paul-verhoeven/6714594

I was wondering why all the ideas were so bad.

I was looking forward to the real Paul Verhoeven's aesthetically fascist Triumph of the Will-style Darth Vader movie with a few bits of satire thrown in so you can reassure yourself the director's not really on the side of the Stormtroopers.

[6] Sounds like it's using MCTS, but it isn't using neural networks. Not very close to Alphago...

#5: a talented police detective with some unique abilities but some personal problems to overcome? That sounds like a CBS police procedural. "The Autist." "The Savant." "Law & Order: On The Spectrum." You could go a lot of different directions here.

Well, "Monk" went off the air like 15 years ago.

Never saw it, but wikipedia says the character had OCD, not autism.

Maybe this guy could be brought in to work a serial killer who is sending taunting messages to police, but they're in a code which no one has been able to break. The detective's autism makes him brilliant with numbers, though, and he breaks the code and thus the case wide open. Boom, there's season 1 right there.

"wikipedia says the character had OCD, not autism."

Try Scandinavian noir like Broen ("The Bridge"); the main character has Asperger's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bridge_(Scandinavian_TV_series)

I've seen suggestions that Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is supposed to be autistic, but I'm not convinced. Mostly, he just comes across as an arrogant a$$hole.

Is that you Hieronymus?

No, Hieronymus is my light-hearted little brother. I'm the family's doom and gloom guy.

There is a pretty good show on now about an autistic surgeon called "The Good Doctor". My wife likes it.

I thought the article was close to click-bait. We learn that he is autistic, was depressed, understands himself better now and feels better and has a very good memory.
Nothing about the crime solving. I would have liked a description of murder cases he has helped solved and how.
While solving crimes involves a good attention to detail and a good memory, it also requires talking to people, getting them to trust you and talk to you. I think an autistic person might find that part challenging.

A more interesting conversation with Peter Boettke would be to read off a collection of things he had to say ca. 2010 about the future trajectory of the economy and ask him to explain.

1. This is an Australian comedian, not the director of "Robocop."

That explains a lot. It doesn't give me back my 5 minutes however.

That is a shame. Because I was just thinking that what Disney needed was a Star-Wars-Show-Girls mash-up. I mean, who wouldn't pay to see C3PO take to the Pole?

No seriously. Well maybe not about C3PO. I think that Star Wars is headed for disaster and has been since they got all prissy over Leia's slave bikini. They are trying to sell stories to teenage boys or people who loved the franchise when they were teenage boys. What they loved was the bikini shot. They loved it so much that it has been referenced in popular culture numerous times not least on Friends.

So naturally you ban it because a small number of harridans who will never see your movies anyway were offended. Could they show more contempt for their fans?

So bring on one of the worst directors known to mankind. At least he knows what his audience wants to see.

Foreign box office. The censors don't approve of cheesecake in China. That's why the boobies are covered in the special effects flicks. But cable shows that aren't chasing foreign theater release do have boobs and other bits of anatomy.

(4) I was disappointed to use a NYT click, only to discover none of the hoped-for insightful analysis of Transport Layer Security.

#6. Not racist or anything. No stereotyping here! A my age, I'm not offended by the stereotyping and labeling that the article TC chose to mention contains. I'd just think a professor would be a little more careful about triggers. LOL.

Why the chip on your shoulder ? Russians and erstwhile Soviet Union have dominated chess for so many decades , so it is news when a Chinese player is ahead of the best Russian player. Just like it is news when Afghanistan defeated an erstwhile strong country in Cricket.

האבן זאלט לילט ל(פֿריע? ר איד און אידיש), ייִנגל (פֿריער אינגל); או.ן איצט וועלן די ווערטער גע (1861-1865) ריבן ווערן מיט אַ חיריק אונטערן צווייטן יוד, װי׃ ייִד, ייִדיש, ייִנגל ‬יב האבן דעם פ: רעמדעןב האבן דעם פ: רעמ; דען, ווארום! פרעמדע זייט (1941-1945) איר געווען אין לאנדמצ

Crypto fan boys / girls showing off their PhD level understanding of money:

"the supply of bitcoin is known by everyone. It needs no central authority. There is nothing inherently wrong with deflation. As the economy grows, the value of bitcoin will grow. So by the most basic economic understanding, bitcoin will be the best and safest way to store value."

I won't work for bitcoin. Therefore, the maximum bitcoin price i will pay for anything, or will pay any worker, is the maximum I can afford: zero.

My guess is the value of bitcoin is zero in any market I participate.

If nothing is traded, is any price actually a real price.

Unless wages are commonly settled in bitcoin, meaning millions of wages paid in bitcoin, bitcoin values are detached from production of goods and services, and they lack the intrinsic value of a bushel of corn or gram of gold or silver.

The Dollar has value based on it being used for paying wages. Wages are used to pay for consumption in dollars, including government consumption, dollars paid in taxes, which in turn government pays in wages.

I know that since Reagan, conservatives have been trying to eliminate paying workers, as a means to product more at 100% profit. Free lunch economics. Bitcoin is just within that free lunch economics frame. Money without work. 100% profit.


Goodbye TLS. I read a review essay in the TLS today about Jordan Peterson's book and it was nothing but mockery and talk of "privileged white men", when in fact a goodly number of Peterson's fans seem to be underprivileged working class white men.

But as was said by another blogger recently, it's, uh, interesting to see the left move from steeling driving commies to gender bender commies.

I don't think the Democrats are known for their stakhanovism or for their backyard steel furnaces.

Peterson is overhyped for what he brings to the table. A little Nietzsche here, Jung there, and something or other about the pronouns leading to concentration camps. A whole lot of poppycock if you ask me. If young white men need spiritual salvation, they need to go to church and be right with God.

I think Peterson is a spineless liberal who has grown a partial spine. Over-rated perhaps as we say around here.

But I notice he has done more than I have. He has stood up when it mattered. He is having a debate that needs to be had. Young men could do a lot worse than read him. In fact if they do not read him they will do a lot worse because no one else is having these sorts of conversations.

So before you criticize him, what have you done lately?

Did you not read his comment? He says young men should go to church. As a Christian I agree. Too many cucks latch onto the latest "hip" fad instead of striving for the eternal.

"underprivileged working class white men" need to work harder and pull themselves up by their bootstraps instead of mooching off my tax dollars.

Of course he's from Wenzhou.

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