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Unlike the politician quoted in the article, the word "liberal" does not necessarily have a broad definition. It has more than one definition. The word "liberal" in the term "liberal education" does not have any thing to do with the progressive left.

What article did you read? The one linked here explicitly quoted the politician to whom you refer as saying "liberal" doesn't refer to political ideology.

The issue is whether an education in a narrow field, like Medicine or Law, is a "liberal" education. It isn't. The university's goals have expanded beyond its original role. That is why removing "liberal" makes the principles more accurate.

I think the motion is pedantic but as long as they are considering other changes, there is minimal additional cost to this idea.

It would be better, in my opinion, to teach people the meaning of classical liberal thought. Removing it also removes the opportunity to discuss it. And perhaps that is the motivation for this: to preserve the illusion that progressives are the direct scions of classical liberals. That is reason enough for me to oppose it.

The headline is practically click-bait.

"An approach to college learning that empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. This approach emphasizes broad knowledge of the wider world (e.g., science, culture, and society) as well as in-depth achievement in a specific field of interest. It helps students develop a sense of social responsibility; strong intellectual and practical skills that span all major fields of study, such as communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills; and the demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings."

The article quoted this definition of "liberal education" from the American Association of Colleges & Universities. While the last two sentences are in line with the traditional liberal education that Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, J.S. Mill, and others would have expounded, that first sentence, with references to "diversity", "complexity", and "change", is a distortion put forward by progressives and corporate believers. There is no reference to "eternal truths", "the human condition", or "self-cultivation" that would have been characteristic of a "liberal education" until the past couple decades. While the "liberal" in "liberal education" is broader than "liberal" in the political sense, it's still being used here as a rough equivalent for "progressive", so I can see why people of a conservative bent would object to it.

1. Of course they will.

What About The Puffins!?!?!?!

Listening to a NY AM talk radio station this AM. They were discussing NJ imposing a tax on plastic grocery/shopping bags. The woman traffic reporter chimed in, "What about the birds!!"

Of course, NJ needs the money. Other taxes recently levied include legalized sports betting. Very soon, they will legalize weed so they can tax it. It probably won't ruin many more lives than the current crisis.

The state needs the money.

#1 much beloved sea birds ?

... 'beloved' by almost nobody

99% of the animal/plant species that ever lived on this planet -- no longer exist. yawn

What about the popular cartoon on Netflix with Chris O'Dowd? (Puffin Rock).

Maybe the puffins will cure ur herpes.

The dimwitted troll strikes again!

5 - Far cheaper: Rent air-conditioned buses. Drive the reunited families to the nearest US Consulate in Mexico whereat the staff assists them in applying for asylum/refugees status in Mexico.

Of course, that assumes they're Mexicans.

If it saves one American from being killed by an illegal, all of them should be thrown in jail and deported. MS-13 et al don't need reinforcements.

Are you saying only Mexicans can apply for asylum in Mexico? Then, it's only right that only Americans can apply for asylum in America.

In fact, it's economics. Once they got to Mexico, they should have applied for asylum. However, they abused their kids for 500 miles to sneak into the US and get more and better free stuff.

Its almost like nobody ever tried to come to the land of opportunity before January 2017!

Who wants to bet that Trump said "the stock market is doing great" and as such people over at Reddit on r/The_Donald believe the US stock market is UP since Monday?

"Chinese stock market down $514 billion since Monday due to Trump
According to the Chinese Communist Party, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Oxford and Bloomberg Economics, and Morgan Stanley.
The first wave of new taxes on Chinese-made goods start July 6th."

2016 Trump support was greatest in areas with highest rates of painkiller use.

"The study found that Trump received about 39 percent of the 2016 vote in the 638 counties with the lowest rates of long-term (90-day supply or more) Medicare opioid prescriptions, but about 60 percent of the vote in the 693 counties with the highest rates of long-term opioid use. All told, on a scale from zero to 100, where zero indicates no correlation and 100 indicates perfect correlation, the relationship between chronic opioid use and the 2016 presidential vote scored a 42."

If the question is when will markets recover, a first-pass answer is never.

Thanks for the laugh.

Of course, this tepid bovine excrement is far more creative than the typical lies of calling Trump voters (Americans that aren't cowards, snakes and traitors) "evil people" and "Nazis."

When checking correlation for purposes of applying hedge accounting, the standard is between 85 and 125. Unless, I'm missing the point, there is little correlation.

It is not necessarily causation, though you do sound a little like you might be on drugs.

If it is "centers of misery" that fits the popular narrative.

Let's hope that when 2020 rolls around enough miserable Trump voters off themselves on opiods. I mean that in the best way. A painless death on your own terms is oftentimes the ethical choice.

The dimwitted troll strikes again!

He/she is not wrong though. White suicide rates have been going up. Alcohol, legal and illegal drugs are the main culprits. Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians aren't killing themselves at the rate of Whites. Guess what happens to the country? It's no longer run by True Americans but foreign invaders.

5) Trump is dead set on treating immigrants from Central America like animals. Doesn't matter what the cost is.

What parts of the words "crime," "criminal," and "illegal" do you not understand?

Thank You! You're doing your part to re-elect Trump.

Last I heard 19% is a very small minority. That's how many Americans polled (economist/yougov) favor catch and release. About 63% approve of some variation of what the adults are doing.

My President couldn't treat them like that if they hadn't defied duly-enacted (by the US Congress) laws and absconded into the country.

Of course, you'd be singing a different tune if you were a parent or a taxpayer.

Finally, you would advocate deploying 100 million landmines on the southern border if you believed those people would assimilate and vote Republican.

Our president (he isn't just yours, obviously) couldn't treat them like that if they hadn't defied duly-enacted (by the US Congress) laws and absconded into the country.

And yet our last 3 presidents (who were also your presidents, of course) did not treat them that way.

Almost as if policy is subject to change - as one could see with our current president holding up the executive order he had just signed returning his administration's policies to those of preceding presidents.

Announcing 'We're signing an executive order, I consider a very important executive order, it's about keeping families together.'

Sounds like dereliction of duty. If they didn't hold them, they should have. America doesn't need more MS-13 and etc. violent people killing people.

Cadet Bone Spurs being derelict in his duty? And this is surprising why?

You have watched that video, one assumes, since that quote is from our current president, returning American policy to that followed by the three previous administrations.

As a note, draft dodger Bill Clinton is still more unsuitable as commander in chief than Cadet Bone Spurs, due to this contemptible statement he sent to Col. Holmes - 'The decision not to be a resister and the related subsequent decisions were the most difficult of my life. I decided to accept the draft in spite of my beliefs for one reason only, to maintain my political viability within the system.' Cadet Bone Spurs joking about unprotected sex being equivalent to serving in Vietname is simply not at the same level of foul power seeking -

'STERN: Now getting back to dating, and when you got to say to a woman, you gotta go to my personal doctor and I'm gonna have you checked out, is that a tough thing to say to a woman?

TRUMP: It's amazing, I can't even believe it. I've been so lucky in terms of that whole world.

It is a dangerous world out there.

It's like Vietnam, sort of.

STERN: Hey it's your personal Vietnam isn't it?

TRUMP: It is my personal Vietnam.

I feel like a great and very brave soldier!

STERN: A lot of guys who went through Vietnam came out unscathed. A lot of guys going through the '80s having sex with different women came out with AIDS and all kinds of things.

TRUMP: This is better than Vietnam, but it's uh... it's more fun.

STERN: A little better, but every vagina is a landmine, haven't we both said that in private?

TRUMP: [intense laughter] I think it is a potential landmine.

There's some real danger there.'

Thanks the vital info.

I expect your 2020 Dem nominee will be a Afghan/Iraq/Vietnam veteran. I'm sure there are a number veterans who won't be nauseated by all the cowards, liars and traitors.

Trump 2020!

Trump will be the first president in a long time to lose his own primary in 2020 as even the GOP couldn't stand all of his lies, scandals, and high crimes. That is, unless he gets impeached by the Dems. You heard it here first!

Americans who hire illegal aliens are criminals too! Wait until Trump turns on them! They'll be put in cages. When no one dares to hire an illegal, they'll stop coming because their won't be any jobs! Go Trump!

Chump hired illegal immigrant Poles to work Trump Tower. If Chump wants to crack down hard on employers, he can start with himself.

These words from the President of the United States were pretty choice today:

Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections.

If you don't want them to tell those stories, don't give them real sadness and grief, on tape, to go with it.

#4: that article does not make sports journalism sound fun.

The realities of access journalism work in the favor of the most newsworthy star.

That said, I'm not actually sure he's done a better job than other superstars

Seems to me like he might be one of the least liked all time greats, especially if you correct for scandals and outright surliness

He hasn't had any major scandals, and is not an outright surly guy

yet you can't discuss him online without his haters coming out in force

I suspect that's largely because he's hasn't actually mastered the PR game as well as that article implies

(I guess mastering the media and mastering PR are slightly different, but the former seems only worthwhile as a subset of the latter)

I'd be surly if I had to deal with sports reporters every day, too, I think.

That article is just plain bad, upon further reflection. Because you're right, it's not really clear to me that James is a "master" of media relationship management at all, so there's the typical jock-sniffing element "OMG Lebron teh awsome" which seems pretty manufactured, and on top of that there's the whole narcissistic self-regard inherent in "journalist writing about other journalists doing journalism" stories, because what could be more important and interesting than that? Up yours, Curtis.

Sports "journalists" are bozos, most of whom can't accurately describe or analyze the sequence of events that lead to victory or defeat in a particular contest. That's why they're so much in love with the plethora of statistics now available. It's easier for them to talk about what happened a week ago than what happened an hour ago.

#3a somebody is going to pay a lot more attention to "trifles" in the future!

#1. All animal species go extinct. #2.I've been worried about that for a long time. #3. Yes. I mean, WWII is 75 years ago, personal losses are still real memories for some, especially those for which the war was not across the Atlantic. #4. yawn. #5. Awful editorial piece. Mood affiliation anyone? #6. The devil is in the details, since these lack any real statutory language, might as well debate the pros and cons of restricting the number dancing angels on pins. #7 What's your prediction? That "athletic" and "art" competitions which rely on juries or judges will be one of the first things A.I. is used for, or one of the last? It's not that people can't be fair, it's that they aren't. But then again, I wonder what percent of the population believe these types of competitions actually result in the best man winning? TC is one; he believes in "the best". I believe any unbiased objective and competent observer would see that these competitions are inherently biased, to some degree stochastic, and often involve herd behavior as well as political machinations.

#3. The most noteworthy thing about this is that the uni put someone in charge of the uni's PR who didn't know who Rommel was. Is there a term for the common if not nearly universal reduction in the competence of people who are hired into well defined (previously defined) jobs? Something like Peter's Principle? People will be placed into jobs they can only partially (see Pareto Rule) do, because they work cheaper than those with actual competence (for that job)?

If wild puffins go extinct, can't you just keep releasing domesticated puffins into the wild until a group takes hold? Is there an actual difference between wild and domesticated puffins?

If wild ones can't make a go of it, I wouldn't expect lazy domesticated ones to be able to. Puffins are pretty good-looking birds. They make the world a better place.

1. Why didn't Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt tell military families they were drinking bad water?

For the same reason that so many on this page jump to insisting that there is no puffin problem.

It is important to insist there are no problems, because then there is no responsibility, and you can go back to the EPA being a liberal power-grab or whatever.

The problem with polarized politics is that the blind spots get bigger and bigger. Rather than doing the right thing, people chose their tribe over all else even if it means ignoring the truth. A very polarizing Republican party is in charge now so while they ignore rising Social Security medicare costs, the national debt, various Trump corruptions/scandals like Cohen's pay for access among other things they used to care about, they can always point to Hillary's emails or other and pretend truth doesn't exist.

3. Is this good or bad advice? (“Don’t mention the war!”):

Although Rommel fought for the Nazis, he was NOT a Nazi Party member. He was also a co-conspirator with Claus von Stauffenberg in 1944 to assassinate Hitler in order to end the war. He paid for that conspiracy with his life after Hitler offered him the opportunity to commit suicide instead of being tried by a kangaroo court. Hitler didn't want Rommel to be tried since he was a national hero for his prior exploits in North Africa and elsewhere. Most likely, Hitler would have had Rommel killed had he not accepted the offer to commit suicide. So, Rommel could be considered a "hero" of sorts, at least to the extent Stauffenberg was glorified by Tom Crews in his portrayal of Stauffenberg in the movie on the assassination attempt. So, technically speaking, Rommel was not a "Nazi General" as the headline on this article suggests and paid with his life in a attempt to kill Hitler and end the war. The academics at the University of Exeter who are admonishing the "career service employee" are equally ignorant of the facts.

Thank you. As moral beings ourselves, we ought to distinguish between those who sided with Hitler and the Nazis all along and those who moved to opposition. Rommel's history is far from unknown and the authorities at the University of Exeter ought to be ashamed of their ignorance.

Indeed, much better late than never.

But I don't want to give Rommel too much credit. Though he certainly found Nazi policy distasteful and resisted it where it cost him little to do so through most of the war.

However, his final anti-regime stance seems caused more by the fact that Germany was losing the war rather than moral outrage over Nazi policy. A critic could safely allege he was fine with horror and atrocity whilst the little Austrian corporal was winning.

If you accept the theories underpinning evolution, everything will go extinct.

3. I'm reminded of the blowhard president of the "Liberal Club" in the film Reds, "I'm ready to be called!" I'm also reminded of Charle Krauthammer, who died today. He came of age during the Vietnam War, which shaped his neocon views, including, many years later, his support for the Iraq War and dislike of "liberals", with whom he shared a campus at McGill University in Montreal, a hotbed of opposition to the Vietnam War. Krauthammer, like other neocons who came of age during the Vietnam War, seemed to have learned all the wrong lessons from it, including resentment of those who opposed the war and an affinity for war to project American power. Dick Cheney also comes to mind. I too came of age during the Vietnam War. I was lucky enough to have a high lottery number when the student deferment ended. I don't know if Krauthammer had a high lottery number, like me, but he did not leave college and volunteer for the military. Of course, while in medical school he suffered a spinal injury that would prevent him from serving, but that was in 1972. One of the oddities of human behavior is doubling down when one is wrong. Support for wars in far off places that are a quagmire, support for tax cuts for the wealthy that is supposed to unleash unparalleled economic growth but produce massive deficits instead. Supporters of the Vietnam War supported the Iraq War, supporters of prior tax cuts that produced massive deficits support more tax cuts, all is if the prove they weren't wrong then because the same policy now will somehow produce a different outcome and prove they were right the first time.

George Will is not complacent.

What's all that got to do with the advice? Too many meds or not enough?

5. Alternatives to detention are usually cheaper.

Yes, and they're also almost entirely ineffective. What is the value of cheaper times zero value?

1: The article says that on the island that's experiencing an increase in puffins, they're stealing the burrows of Manx shearwaters. Manx shearwaters' scientific name is of all things puffinus puffinus, a member of the petrel family. Whereas "puffins" turn out to be members of the Alcidae family, i.e. auks.

So the puffins are attacking the puffinus puffinus, an aukward situation.

6. If is OK to copy anything on the internet, why is it not OK to copy the same thing anywhere else? Why shouldn't a CD store be able to buy a homemade copy of a CD for a penny and sell it for 50 cents? Because Google (via youtube) does this. Full disclosure: they are a sligthly more generous--they will pay you a pittance in exchange for total indemnification.

The internet can't function without it? Ha, and note that CD stores couldn't function without it, either.

5. This campaigns becoming ridiculous. I have skimmed many of the articles on the subject, but I have not seen anyone reproducing the text or this famous article 11. Has anyone seen it ? Where? If not, how do you know all this is not a hoax?

3. Neither good nor bad, just banal.

I'd say bad advice. I think anyone from the UK, let alone an academic institution (Exeter), should be knowledgeable enough about WWII to avoid making a publicly ignorant mistake about one of the central Axis figures (Rommel) who was not a Nazi Party member. After being brought to near collapse by the Nazis, they should have a very keen knowledge of what, how and why it happened. I understand ignorant Americans, which is the norm, but the British were on ground zero. I'd say they need to beef up their WWII history inside and outside Exeter, so mentioning the war in a tasteful manner should never be considered off-limits.

What's all that have to do with Rommel's advice? Wasn't that the question?

Probably a bad idea to quote Rommel. But the lazy slam "Nazi general" is also a bad idea. During the war itself, Winston Churchill, on the radio, complimented Rommel. " “We have a very daring and skillful opponent against us,” Churchill declared, “and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general.” Rommel was an early admirer of Hitler but later disobeyed direct orders including the order to execute captured commandos.

Fave Rommel quote:

"The British have some of the best doctrine in the world. It is fortunate that their officers do not read it".

1) It's Tyler on the Puffins again. He couldn't find any in Norway either despite a 3-hour drive is a post disproportionately about good Scandi food (and lack thereof).

I'm wondering if the Straussian signal is that he finds them ….delicious?

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