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It sure seemed like after Ron Paul's big runs in 2008 and 2012, his son Rand Paul was going to be a serious contender for the 2016 nomination. Instead, Rand Paul was one of the first candidates to drop out.

I wonder if some big chunk of the electorate is simply fed up with the status quo and is willing to back heterodox candidates in the hope that they will bring change. And said heterodox candidates mistake this as an endorsement of their particular views, instead of as the output of frustration.

First, Rand was less libertarian than his dad. Second he (and the very high Gary Johnson) just totally missed the train. Libertarians should have heard the burgeoning (and self-defensive) identity politics among whites and started talking about private property, freedom of association, etc... But Rand went to Detroit and Johnson kept screaming about racism.

In many ways Trump is an heir to Ron Paul. Not the same ideology, but Trump is called similar names, and he benefited greatly from the GOP elite's destruction of the grass roots effort to get Ron Paul nominated. The GOP was as brittle as glass after that, but they thought they'd be able to control everything. They didn't figure on a billionaire coming in and jumping right over all their roadblocks.

"And said heterodox candidates mistake this as an endorsement of their particular views..."

That's what happened with Obama.

4. I love Norway.

Reading suggested by clicking the link:

Red version of 'butt plug' Santa statue unveiled in Oslo

I saw first the "warmest May over 100 years link"

We see what we want to see......oh bias =)

"3. Redux, me on Ron Paul circa 2007. Recommended."

Those criticisms of Ron Paul are similar to the current issues with Trump.

"Tyler Cowen: Liberty is lacking in the United States but I’d like to see it more closely bundled with reasonableness, moderation, and yes pragmatism; I
am looking to advance on all fronts at the same time. Call me fussy if you wish."

Tyler wrote then that the America Firsters were wrong about WW2 and civil rights. In the most notorious America First speech, Charles Lindbergh argued against getting involved in a European war while also cautioning Americans not to feel so superior to other countries while their own south deprived African Americans of civil rights. So, does that mean Tyler thinks the civil rights movement was a mistake?

I don't follow why thinking the US should have gotten involved in WW2 earlier means you're also opposed to the civil rights movement.

"1. Is Finland home to the world’s most radical libraries?"

I'm a Library lover, but the whole concept of Libraries seems functionally obsolete. Libraries are designed to primary warehouse books and to a secondary extent other forms of media. That warehousing is now far more efficiently done on server farms.

Some people would argue that Libraries also have a teaching function, but I would counter we have schools for that. It's time to look at how many people are currently using libraries and what the cost is to the public purse.

You'll notice that most of the modern pictures of Finish Libraries don't seem to emphasize actual reading.

A few years back I posted to my Facebook feed "why do we still have libraries?" I got back several angry screeds from parents of young children, who told me that libraries were important social spaces with programs for kids.

Isn't that what a school is?

Lots and lots of masters degreed hardcore Democrats currently sit at nice desks in libraries being paid well. They have clout in their party. They aren't going anywhere.


"I got back several angry screeds from parents of young children, who told me that libraries were important social spaces with programs for kids."

As the parent of 4 young children between 4 & 7, let me be the first to say, there are plenty of activities for children outside of library function. My wife literally has just finished mapping out the entire summer timetable of activities and is groaning because she's having to make hard choices as to which activities they'll attend.

Granted, at least a few of those are library functions, but there is no reason those functions couldn't take place at a school or park. They don't require attendance at a book warehouse.

Lol me too, still mapping. Game of Throne people say winter is coming. Parents say summer is coming.

The Finnish library thing is a holdover from 1) the semi socialist social democracy days and 2) a response to the dearth of good bookstores. There is one big good serious academic bookstore in Finland. One.

It's great that your kids don't need to use the library anymore, but the ones that come to mine for library programs are all less than 4 years old. The storytime programs provided there can't really be provided at school (because the children aren't going to school yet), or at a park (because weather, and space, and background noise, and etc.). There is no public place better-suited to fostering early literacy than a library.

In these comments and many others, there is a strong whiff of "Well, *I* haven't even been inside a library for *years*, therefore they are useless to everyone". This is not the case.

Very poor people can use a public (free) library, so today they serve poor people by providing access to the server farm.

While Amazon provides cheap devices to access the server farms, no one has taken on providing the means to access those server farms other than libraries.

Trump and Pai have explicitly adopted policies denying the poor access to those server farms by arguing rent seekers should focus on rent seeking with their public grants of public ways, not serving all the public.

Maybe a law that pays for high speed Internet to everyone on a means tested basic no matter the price, ie, say paying $200 a month to poor black rural families in Alabama would motivate universal service to every residential address at $40 a month for phone and 10 megabit internet, $100 for business. AT&T/Bell Lab worked toward fiber to every address and forecast the cost would be no higher than copper but provide high speed data service at the same cost as phone to every address if mandated to replace the existing copper Telco service mandates. At that time, fiber was replacing copper for most trunks. Today fiber has largely replaced everything except the connection from customer to local node. The idea that wireless solves this problem requires running fiber by every address so the wireless routers/cell sites providing access can be connected to the network.

Mobile libraries are as important as ever, providing books to those places rent seekers shun as worthless, heavily Trumpland, ironically. When will Trump build a golf resort catering to coal miners over looking, built on, a flattened mountain coal mine reclamation?

The view from MulpLand.

The poor (to be distinguished from the “poor”) should be asked to pony up to hang out in public libraries. What about 50 cents? (Make them Pay in a form they recognize: put a bucket or jar for COINS by the first desk they see and add a sign: “4 bits” aka 50 cents, because “building community “, the service said to be provided at my local public library, is not free.

Trump won the nomination as soon as he made immigration an issue and no one else was willing to fight him for it (not on it, for it).

Also the libertarians don't seem to understand what national defense means to the public. Their marketing is horrible.

3. Posted December 26, 2007. Equivalent to a Friday news dump. What lay ahead certainly confirms Cowen's assessment of the candidate. Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke, and two presidents, Bush and Obama, who did not interfere or try to undermine them. Can one imagine president Paul or president Trump in similar circumstances, trying to undermine them at every turn. Maybe it's true that God watches over widows, orphans, and the United States of America.

2. Ok - so what's next - gender neutral Olympic games? The Academy awards for women was not created to seperate, but to promote female acting, since they were always under-represented in lead roles.

Yeah, but they're over-represented in love-interest roles.

So is Hugh Grant.

2. Theater is 99% an aristocratic circle jerk anyway. If giving out one award instead of two makes them happy, then whatever. It's not like they're polluting a legitimate art form with the SJW movement this time.

If some awards were not gender specific I can guarantee you that when pure chance caused more men than women to get awards there would be outrage and after that a secret committee would have to insure that an equal number of awards went to women to avoid the "appearance" of sexism.

"2. Why should theatre awards be separated by gender?"

Because that way they give out twice as many prizes to celebrities, which is what audiences want to watch, not who wins Best Costume Design.

In golf they also divide national championships up by age and amateur vs. professional, which multiplies the number of prizes even more. For example, My old school friend's wife recently qualified to compete in the British Women's Senior Amateur championship at Royal Portrush, which was a lot of fun for them.

# 3 - We wanted a smaller, less intrusive government. We were told that was impossible, crackpot, even racist.

Well guess what--now it's Plan B.

Plan A is looking more and more like the Titanic. Icebergs ahead.

3 is very prescient. I was a big fan of Ron Paul and had an excuse for every fringe conspiracy theory and racist newsletter that popped up, but can now see these efforts did few favors for the libertarian movement. Ron Paul is not Trump—his campaign sign had “love” in it while Trump is all aggression—but he did help normalize some of the things that Trump took and used for unlibertarian ends.

You might delude yourself about Ron Paul being full of love, if so, I would recommend watching "Bruno"

While I am a fan of Paul's stated economic policies, it is quite clear that we are dealing with an individual that is not emotionally robust. I think Ron Paul here showed his true self, ala Michael Richards (from Seinfeldt).

The closest to an emotionally robust libertarian I know about is Ted Cruz, although it is unclear whether he could be a big L libertarian, and a small c Cristian.

I do hope Trump and Cruz can bury the hatchet, and let Cruz replace Ginsburg on the supreme court.

"The closest to an emotionally robust libertarian I know about is Ted Cruz, although it is unclear whether he could be a big L libertarian, and a small c Cristian."

I was hoping Cruz would beat Trump in the primary. And still am a tad annoyed with John Kasich for insisting on staying in when he clearly had no chance. In retrospect it probably didn't matter.

Lying Ted has the worst resting b!tch face. Makes me want to punch the f-ucke-r out. #maga2020

For the record, I held my nose and voted for Cruz in the primary.

But what did we get?

Cute, right? Republicans are fatigued by the news.

He's not "full of love" because he didn't want to be sexually harassed? I don't get it.

#2 - assume this is a straussian take on why liberals don't understand the culture debate. Actively avoiding the obvious (because it is somehow taboo) and ending up with a theory that leads to participation trophies for all

No kidding. Watching both parties unconsciously (or consciously?) step around the elephant in the room is surreal.

#4: The other occasion to wear the national costume is the confirmation:

I know you were very excited about your trip to Ethiopia.

Here is a reality check. Ethiopia in territory is about twice the size of Texas.

In population, Texas has about 25 million people. In 2016, Ethiopia had 102.4 million. Under official United Nations projections from a year ago, Ethiopia's population will climb to 250 million by end of century. That is about what the entire US population was in 1989.

I suppose Julian Simon would be delighted by the forecast; he might want even more people. But I can't help but believe that Ethiopia is heading for tragedy, just as it had in the 1980s.

Pretty much all of Africa is heading for population driven tragedy. Nigeria is 10% smaller than Ethiopia and already has 200 million.

Better than fair chance that Europe goes under too, as spill-over collateral damage.

In the past an urban conurbation required a hinterland to produce its food. Nowadays, Iowa is Addis Ababa’s hinterland. There is little pressure on politically stable African states to raise agricultural production when they have access to international markets. Lagos gets its rice and cornmeal directly from New Orleans and its beef from Brazil. What will happen in the future is that countries like Argentina, Brazil, the US, Canada, Ukraine, Russia etc... will simply expand agricultural land and export to Africa. I predict that Africa will become the largest importer of food in the world, like China is today. This of course dangerous because you are dependent upon political stability abroad for your food security.

"This of course dangerous because you are dependent upon political stability abroad for your food security."

Also, you are dependent on cheap shipping costs.

Of course, Ron Paul was never that close to the nomination either 2008/2012 (Bernie Sanders did better in 2016 on Ds. He never won a US state in either year.) and his son run was terrible.

1) 2008 represented the low point of the Iraq war opinion which helped Ron Paul and Barack Obama in the primaries.

2) Ron Paul did have a good country doctor personna about him that made easier for average Republicans to support him. Rand Paul DOES not have this and it appears he is terrible neighbor and reads too much ZeroHedge.

3) It is obvious Trump took most of the Paul 2012 voters as they were the second conservative group to support him. (The first was the WWC Rust Belt that hate immigration.)

Why the posts and angst on the Pauls? They are Nowhere City.

Now, our President is doing hugely.

His own-party, 500-day (87%) support is second only to Bubya (96%) immediately after 9/11. That favorably compares to JFK (85%); Ike and Nixon (83%); Obama (79%); Reagan (77%); Slick Willie (74%). All those (except JFK assassinated) listed served second terms.

Trump 2020!

The Republican voter base has been shrinking the past decade. Better to be independent than partner with these jokers. The only people left are the ones with their red hats on too tightly.

Is Ethiopia in the midst of a green revolution?

Bla bla bla bla blah
When the next(unpredictable but sure) East African drought occurs it will turn the green to brown.

When I read the phrase "radical libraries," I assumed the author was referring to the contents. But, no, what's radical apparently is the extravagant architecture.

Given a choice between a well-stocked library housed in a shabby, ugly pole barn and a poorly stocked one housed in architectural wonder, I'm pretty sure I'd prefer the pole barn.

But then I was thinking of a library whose primary function is circulation. Especially as many of those rare materials that can't circulate can be accessed as digital copies which, although not suitable for all uses, is suitable (and often better) for many.

Apparently what I missed was the "library as community center" meme. Because, librarians must plan for a future in which all materials that are not paper books are delivered electronically and, in any case, demand for books in any form seems to be in steep decline. Thus, perhaps inevitably, "library as repository of books (and some other stuff)" morphs into "library as jobs program for librarians"?

In any case, before pondering whether fine architecture actually improves whatever it is that a public library is and does, perhaps one should determine what it is, and what it is supposed to do for the public that is taxed to pay for it?

The anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre deserves mention:

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