Madagascar fact of the day

Madagascar, one of world’s poorest countries, has the fastest broadband internet speed in Africa and has average speeds much faster than some of the world’s wealthiest nations, according to a broadband speed league table from UK analytics firm Cable, which collects data from 200 countries.

At 24.9 megabits per second, Madagascar’s broadband speed is more than twice the global average. Not only does this mean the African island nation has the fastest internet speed on the continent, but it places 22nd in the world, out-pacing Canada, France, and the UK.

Here is the full story.  Here is the previous installment of Madagascar fact of the day, namely that per capita income was almost twice as high in 1960.


Absolute clickbait. From the article but not mentioned in the headline or in this extract: "...only 2.1% of the population has access to the internet".

agreed, I think Tyler should take this one down. The actual reason that the average speed in Canada or whatever is lower, is that they are measuring the actual speed that each household in Canada can get. If you do the same for Madagascar, I guess you need to add 97.9% having an average speed of 0.

Clickbait is the bain of our age.

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>Absolute clickbait

This should be the sub-heading for Marginal Revolution.

Worked on you, per usual.

I didn't click on it, but made the prediction that less than 10% of the country had internet at all. Turned out I played it too safe with that prediction.

Doubled per capital income since 1960 is equivalent to 1.2% per year.

As a comparison, US per capital GDP (inflation adjusted) has tripled in the same time frame.

Madagascar per capita income has not doubled since 1960, it has halved.

The Madagascar fact of the day last month quoted David Pilling who wrote that the country's GDP per capita has almost halved since 1960 to $400 today. The GDP per capita has been halved, but to $1,400. You need to use PPP for a dollar conversion. However, he uses the "live on under $1.90 a day" stat which is a PPP measurement so mixes the two.

Here is an article in the NYT about the decline (collapse?) of venture capital funding in China: At the end of the article, one founder of a failed venture capital firm said he is moving to start anew and has been offered a position working for an online payment venture in Nigeria. Madagascar, Nigeria, whatever, the lure of easy money in the most unlikely places. Is this a metaphor for the failed body politic in the U.S.? The Chinese have lost billions investing with venture capital firms with no history and selling the lure of easy money. "Dumb money, managed by inexperienced investors", the CEO of an investment bank in Beijing called it. In the U.S., it was dumb votes, managed by Russian spies, that gave us the "slavish and toadying performance" on Monday in Helsinki.

No, Wait! I voted for Trump because this dude, with a "funny" accent said, "Hillary needs to pay a price for her failures." Plus he bought me a beer. The pretzels were free.

If President Donald J. Trump had kicked Putin, you girls would be screeching, "He's started World War III!"

No doubt. You also have to love that the 2-year "Russia investigation" magically produced indictments about fifteen minutes before the Trump/Putin meeting. What are the odds???

On the first indictment, the Mueller team were bluffing, they seek delays, because they don't have a case:

And if Obama said the stuff Trump said at the summit, not to mention about Kim Jong-Un, you'd have him hung for treason. Just the usual partisan crap.

"Here is an article in the NYT about the decline (collapse?) of venture capital funding in China."

Ergo, Buy China!

Whatever you see in the NYT, think the opposite. See Krugman's November 2016 investing advice. Double your net worth in a year.

You're welcome.

A more sombre Madagascar fact of the day:

Madagascar achieved its peak income level some time in 1930s and has never since fully recovered. Economists lament about Japan's Lost Decade, but Congo and Madagascar experienced a lost century.


So French colonialism - not as bad as the alternatives.

Speaking of Japan's Lost Decade, U.S. per capita growth since 2000 has been the same as Japan's growth in the 1990s.

Funny how that works.

It may be why Tyler posts about Madagascar and a thousand non-economics memes.

The Fed/central planners (If they central planned the Sahara Desert, there'd be a sand shortage in five years.") not only refuse to learn from their own mistakes, they can't learn from others'. Give them more power!

This will only enhance the velocity of the cultivation and harvesting of vanilla beans, no?

This sounds like the merchant who has the cheapest eggs in town: only 15 cents for a dozen!

Unfortunately this merchant does not actually have any eggs for sale, but, if the eggs were there ...

And so, too, Madagascar's high-speed internet: it would be really speedy if only one could obtain service (and perhaps some electric power to run a router and a few devices), but, unfortunately ...

The focus on very high broadband speeds is silly. What do you get for all these high speeds? The ability to for family members to watch different Netflix shows at the same time in 4K rather than 'only' 1080p? Yes, obviously faster is better. But after a certain point, faster is only very marginally better.

The thing is...we expect that faster internet would also create new applications that are currently unworkable at lower speeds.

Yet another example of unpicked, low-hanging fruit.

Why do we worry about Internet access for people who don't have potable water and hygienic sewers? Don't we have a few hundred thousand non-profits on the planet looking to do something actually effective?

To today's economists, the internet solves all problems cheaply, so with the internet you can buy and download clean water, food, medical care.

Except liberals won't let it by requiring net neutrality instead of letting the free market work.

Mulp - you cannot download clean water, food or medical care from the Internet. Please call 911 and tell them you need help.

He just confused 2018 for 2081. It happens to the best of us.

Yes, few citizens have internet service. But in the mid 2000's when I was last there, the fastest service available to anyone was dialup speed and even that was shared for traffic leaving the island. The fiber backbone bypassed Madagascar because they didn't have the money to land the cable there. This is actually a major improvement irrespective of the number of subscribers.

Not too many people with internet. Not really a surprise.

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