U.S.A. Germany fact of the day

In 2017, 1.98 million passenger cars and light trucks built in the United States were exported. By dollar value, the exported vehicles accounted for $57.04 billion of U.S. international trade, and the largest manufacturer component of that total came from German automaker BMW.

Here is further information.


Do facts matter?

I had occasion to look it up, and Truthiness was named Word of the Year for 2005 by the American Dialect Society and for 2006 by Merriam-Webster. Looking back, that was the moment of warning. A warning we did not heed.

So, sorry economists, you may have true data about how best proceed, but it isn't as truthy as the MAGA. Hells, you have manufacturing workers who say as their hours are cut it must be for the best.

Sure, Make America grate Again.

you have manufacturing workers who say as their hours are cut it must be for the best.

Good. Trump's base is going to learn a hard lesson.

They are mostly too tribal to learn it. They will still blame those mean old coastal elites for their troubles. After all, those Dems want to outlaw Christmas, take their guns, and abort every fetus in the 9th month.

What do you think they will learn? You know, you really need to get out of your bubble and talk to more people. Learn what? People aren't dumb just because they come from Ohio. They know that computers have taken jobs away, China a lot more, and those jobs are not coming back. They know that there is little that the Feds can do for them - and in fact there is no real distinction between the two parties on this. The Democrats will do nothing for those jobs either.

But they do know that the Culture Wars matter. They do know that the coastal elites are on the TV every night expressing contempt for them and theirs. They vote accordingly. After all the biggest injury inflicted on working class America has probably been easy divorce. Losing your job because someone has offshored your factory is bad enough but losing your house and children because your wife is trying to find herself hurts a lot more.

No one ever writes articles asking what is wrong with the wealthy coastal elites for voting against their economic interests and supporting the Democrats. No one asks why obscenely rich people like Harvey Weinstein and the rest of the Hollywood rape gang are hard core Democrats. We know that for them the Cultural Wars are important. Why can't the same curtsey be extended to Kansas? The rich community in America are Jewish Americans. They strongly vote Left. No one ever calls them too tribal. Or stupid.

"because your wife is trying to find herself hurts a lot more." Given your recent comments about *ahem* cuckoldry, you would know a thing or two about that.

Now the question is whether this is the real JWatts or someone pretending to be him. I am going to go for the MR Intern.

But a very nice impersonation.

actually, the sad little people - I am assuming that there are at least two - who make "cuck" arguments so often on this site are probably all mentally ill, probably some form of OCD mania, perhaps a problem with their spiritual life, perhaps a shameful addiction to pornography, or perhaps just the fact that they are untreated weak sociopaths, poor little creatures. There are solutions to all these problems - if nothing else, long years of the loneliness that someone who thinks it is worth his time to screech again and again the word cuck, in a place where the poor little fellow knows nobody respects him, long years of understanding that they have not done what it takes to make somebody care about them, dissipate their desire to be rude and obnoxious. Trust me on that.

Of course, from 2009 through early 2017, manufacturing workers were so, so much more well off. Those years Wall Street's too-big-to-failures' and globalist billionaires' incomes and nets worth sky-rocketed while Main Street and ordinary Americans sucked wind.

Anyhow, in November, we will see which hard lesson sank in.

Ordinary Americans should have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and got jobs on Wall Street and become billionaires instead of expecting handouts on Main Street. Welfare mentality is a great disease.

People, from 2009 through early 2017, warned about the effect of low wages in China and the encroachment of automation.

Those people were called liberals and told by free-market Republicans to get the hell out of the way.

I think a bipartisan solution to trade needs to be reached and both sides are to blame for this god-@$&!ing mess. I apologize but I spent the day in family court and had a few bottles of Bacardi Breeze to help me get over the experience.

You're right, of course.

Braindead Hillary supporters like you learn nothing. Zilch. Nada. That's why Trump is going to win this November and win big over losers like you. We never get tired of winning. #maga2020

Please remember to use the sarcasm tag otherwise people might think you're being serious.

What's the value (price paid) for the imported components as compared to the value of the exported vehicles?

Given modern supply chains we would only know that if there was some special reason to track the origin of every part from a resistor, to a circuit board, to a sub-assembly, to a component, to a product. It's computationally complex, and not directly useful, so I'm sure no one really knows.

"we would only know that if there was some special reason to track the origin of every part"

There is, or rather there are, and those reasons are called corporate compliance and consumer product liability. Not saying this to argue in favor of rayward, but a variety of national laws and international regulations, from antitrust, fraud protection, consumer safety, free trade agreements, anti-counterfeit and sanction regimes, and export-import regulations make it very unlikely that any major corporation is simply putting things together without a clue where the parts are coming from, not to mention those companies own efforts in their QA departments.

Such is life in Trump's America.

Such is a cuck's life in Trump's America.

Trump's America is great America. We've been so used to losing that we forgot what winning feels like. Sad. Keep the win streak alive and vote R this November. #maga2020

Americans have exchanged their first born-right for a mess of pottage. Americans have sold their children into bondage to the Chinese-German Moloch.

Per the article, BMW accounts for 15.4% of the total, which is not very overwhelming.

Actually, auto firms are required to track that and post it on the price sticker in the window of each new car.

I do not know BMW's number but the car with the highest American content is the Camry built in Kentucky.

Michigan is still the state with the most auto production, but Alabama is now second.

Thanks, you remind me of the American Automobile Labeling Act. Still, I remain skeptical that tracking is that sophisticated, or deep. Cars dot com tries to make sense of it and name a winner:


Long time Russian intelligence asset claims Merkel is the Russian puppet. Every accusation a confession. Hahahaaaaaahaha.

Francis Fukuyama went full Manchurian Candidate, fwiw


I'm not there myself, but I gotta recognize Fukuyama as a shrewd and informed observer.

Wow. It's really, really disturbing how many people are functionally insane right now

Appropriately, half the replies to Fukuyama were variants of “Were you drunk when you tweeted this?”

It’s one thing when a Rayward slags Trump but it is disturbing when a thinker of note does it.

And here is a good article on why a strict "Manchurian Candidate" reading is probably wrong:


tagline: the holocaust: it had to happen. American business loves profiting of off the Holocaust. Just look at American pornography. It's free. It's self-loathing. It pairs great with Hollywood. A totally communist model of society based on incest and free love.

Accidents happen all they time. Do you celebrate them? Do you run paid advertising off of them? Maybe in America. Is the American ethos really that Joseph Goebbels "Got it done."

What's the bias confirmation on the comment's section of marginalrevolution? Time of comment/comment number.


Re: "How BMW Became the Largest Exporter of US-Manufactured Autos"

The others, namely the domestic based firms, build junk.

That can't be true. See for example the large percentage of Premium American cars that our President owned.

Winning: Germany willing to cut tariffs on US cars, lifting automakers’ shares


Which is hilarious, considering that GM sold off its European manufacturing operations Opel and Vauxhall a year ago.

'The French company that owns Peugeot and Citroen has struck a 2.2bn euro (£1.9bn) deal to buy General Motors' European unit, including Vauxhall.

GM Europe has not made a profit since 1999 and the deal has raised fears about job losses at Vauxhall.

The UK factories at Ellesmere Port and Luton employ about 4,500 people.

With GM's Opel and Vauxhall operations, PSA Group would become the second largest carmaker in Europe, behind Volkswagen.' https://www.bbc.com/news/business-39175740

And here is a little tidbit about GM in Europe from Bloomberg - 'In recent years, GM has focused Opel solely on Europe, withdrawing the brand from Russia and China. It also pulled Chevrolet out of Europe in 2013, so a sale of Opel substantially diminishes GM’s presence in the region and its ambition to be an automaker with operations in all parts of the world.' https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-02-14/why-gm-wants-to-sell-opel-after-nearly-90-years-quicktake-q-a

Recognizing that details in such tariff wars are important, it is likely that Merkel agreed to drop the tariff on cars built in America and exported to Germany/the EU that just happen to be made by Mercedes, BMW, VW, and Fiat - which is good for EU customers, and will certainly help increase sales of American made vehicles.

Somehow, I doubt that Merkel need fear much domestic opposition to this plan. After all, there is only one American car company left with a true EU presence, and most of what it sells in Europe is not exported from the U.S. anyways.

Oddly, that Fox link shows declines - best guess is that the graphic is dynamic and showing current stock prices, and not static showing the prices from July 5 (or Fox cares nothing about actual facts contradicting its reporting, if one wishes to be cynical). And the idea that GM will be helped by an EU tariff reduction remains hilarious - basically, you can no longer buy any GM product in Germany, at least according to a Chevrolet owner who bought one of the last ones sold in Germany - the price was just too attractive, he said, even taking into account that getting it repaired in the future will be challenging.

There is something deeply - and sadly - amusing about how Americans still seem stuck in the past, as the rest of the world moves on. For example, there was a Post op-ed a couple of days ago talking about how Trump might be trying to make deals, like keeping American soldiers in Heidelberg in exchange for higher German defense spending. The U.S. military left that entire region in 2015, and there are no American soldiers there - there are also no longer exit signs on the autobahn with American flags and the names of various American facilities either. Basically, the Cold War has been wrapped up, except apparently in the minds of Americans who seem to believe that American armored divisions are still poised at the Fulda Gap to keep West Germany safe from invasion.

Whereas in reality the Germans see Finlandization as a worthy goal in itself.

The oddity about this comment is that yes, a lot of people do not realize how the world has changed since the Cold War. But Trump is not one of them. He has been pretty much the only person to point out that the Cold War is over and it is time to bring the soldiers - all of them - home. He even said that South Korea and Japan should acquire nuclear weapons. Now there is a man who has seen the end of the post-war order before everyone else. And why not? Why shouldn't Germany acquire its own nuclear weapons?

'Why shouldn't Germany acquire its own nuclear weapons?'

Yes, cable news is going to be so much more interesting when 50 odd countries are nuclear capable and threatening each other every other day.

Slowing Nuclear proliferation has worked because most countries have felt safe under the US umbrella. That is, NATO. Outside NATO, countries have lacked the ability to build such weapons, or they have had Soviet soldiers enriching their night life and so not had the choice, or they have had nuclear weapons programs. India rejected the idea of US protection so when China got the bomb, they needed it too. But that just meant Pakistan needed to have one. Which meant their neighbor Iran needs one too - something Obama was fine with by the looks of it.

So as NATO declines, as the need for US protection wanes, more people will decide they need nuclear weapons too. Japan denies it but it does have a program and could have a weapon in days. South Korea has been stopped twice. Taiwan once.

Whether or not you like it, this is the real world. How is America going to stop the technology spreading? Even Brazil built one.

'Slowing Nuclear proliferation has worked because most countries have felt safe under the US umbrella. '

No, it has worked because all the major nuclear powers considered it in their best interest. Russia has zero interest in the Islamic Republic developing nuclear weapons, to give one concrete example (and also explains why the Russians still hope that the Iranians will be bound by the agreement that Trump cancelled in terms of the U.S.) This happens to have zero to do with NATO.

'So as NATO declines, as the need for US protection wanes, more people will decide they need nuclear weapons too.'

I'm fairly confident that the Chinese will not tolerate a nuclear armed Vietnam, which would be another case that has zero to do with NATO.

'Japan denies it but it does have a program and could have a weapon in days. South Korea has been stopped twice. Taiwan once.'

Well, three for three - not a single one of those nations has anything to do with NATO.

'He even said that South Korea and Japan should acquire nuclear weapons.'

Which is about what one would expect from someone who had (has?) no idea what the nuclear triad is, or why it exists in our MAD world.

'Why shouldn't Germany acquire its own nuclear weapons?'

Ask the French, the Danes, the Dutch, the Greeks, the Belgians, the Norwegians, the British, the Russians - they just might have an answer.

Well yes, that was my point - people like you criticize America for not realizing the world has moved on since 1989. While remaining firmly stuck in 1939.

Germany today is not the Germany then. Deal with it.

And what kind of import fees do they pay?

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