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"But rarely before have the leaders of unionism been so casual about trading off victory in identity war against the thing they care about most: the union with Britain."

This is very perceptive. After reading the work of Liliana Mason recently, it seems like we should consider the possibility that winning the identity war is in fact the thing they care about the most. People who know the region well are rightly quick to criticise reductive characterisations of the troubles as a Protestant vs Catholic religious conflict --- I doubt many on either side care very much about transubstantiation. Until now I hadn't considered that even the question of partition might be an even less important dimension than that of group identity.

5. The asians got "crazy rich" because they lie cheat and steal as Donald J Trump has explained truthfully. We as woke Americans need to do our part to deport this foreign traitors from our homelands, protect our borders, and our intellectual property. Start with anchor baby hotels, move to the Universities (Harvard is doing the Lord's work here), then deny them opportunities to move up (asians make good worker bees anyway since they can never be leaders). If they hate that, they can move back to China.

Did your Asian boyfriend dump you?

Come on Tyler/Alex, leaving comments like this up is a REALLY bad look for you

Yeah, hire a student to be moderator already. PLEEZE

#3. How do you know its incorrect?

#3. Coming-out Straussianism.

I thought the whole thing was reasonably eloquent. I felt for him when he parents withdrew (some of) their love when he came out. They believed homosexuality to be a choice.

I have no idea if he is right about "Bohemian Rhapsody". I thought it was more of a Camus-ish song about a guy who has committed a crime. And that it's just surreal rather than coherent content-wise.

I laughed at the part about him getting a boner seeing Cameron Diaz in a knitted bikini, and saying it must have been the novelty of the knitted bikini because it wasn't Cameron Diaz. Well, that's where we differ, him and I.

I actually think his take on Bohemian Rhapsody is extremely plausible, and I hadn't thought of it but now it makes a lot of sense. Doesn't mean it's the case but it's as good as any other idea.

I thought the song was the gayest thing I ever heard, I agree with the article, and I wish it weren't such a big fucking deal to come out to your mother and father. If you're gay, you're gay, end of story.

I have always thought that was an obvious, not a Straussian reading. Or to be honest, an obvious reading of some of it. But like so many songs, it's actually a lot of things thrown together that sounds good.

The song, which is very good, is lyrically nothing more than a bunch of opera cliches thrown together. It's what a rock band thinks opera is. So yeah, it's definitely rather confused. It's like when Tyler tries to guess what motivates libertarians.

Or maybe there has been a Dark Secret Meaning all these years and they refused to tell anyone because they were hoping nobody would figure out that the late Freddy Mercury was gay.... and then this genius figured it out. Sure. That could be it.

1. Cue Mandy Rice-Davies.

#2: This seems to be at odds with most other findings on public/private pay (i.e. public employment has higher pay for lower skilled employees and lower pay for higher skilled employees). Just think about this: the highest paid GS scale jobs top out at $160,000. Chances are most government cyber-security jobs are not paying that. If you want to attract top talent you gotta pay what the big boys are paying.

Yeah. I do govt contracting. It's a decent gig and I make more $ than the employees I work with, but that's what the agencies need to do in order to bring in the talent they need to get work done.

Here's the thing. Government agencies tend to accrete poor performers they've hired b/c firing people is incredibly difficult and the talented people choose to get out of the madhouse - they can get jobs at places that are fun to work at. Add on to this that government agencies tend to use outdated technologies and methodologies compared with a more modern tech company.

So, what talented person would choose to work with B and C players in an environment that is slow to change, uses old tech, and old methods? Even if they're being paid a market rate in terms of skills/experience it doesn't compensate them for putting up with the funny farm.

Which is why it's the B & C players who are happy to work in govt because they know they can't keep up in the private sector.

This probably can be said about a lot of large, non-tech companies. My experience is with govt.

#3 Any or all of the interpretations of the metaphors may be incorrect, but the basic premise still might be correct.

It ought to be pointed out that the line preceding "pulled my trigger" is "put a gun against his head," which if you ask me kinda undermines his phallic interpretation.

I've always just assumed this was about infecting his lover with aids. Not being mean, it's just what it sounds like.

The song was written in the 1970's, well before AIDS appeared

Asians playing Asians? Only the race-obsessed NYT could crank out this story in such tedious detail.

Absurdly inauthentic casting is much more fun, like NY Jewish actress Phyllis Newman playing an Arab on The Man From UNCLE and a squaw on The Wild Wild West. And actors like Michael Ansara who could be pressed into service as just about anyone from mobsters to Mongols.

Race is a fact of life. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it exists and people will continue to talk about long after we are both gone. To deny race is to deny truth.

Hair color and eye color are also facts of life. Why is it that people do not obsess over them?

5. What a super racist title! A movie titled "crazy rich Asians" where the review mostly talks about the super important fact it's the first American movie in a generation where the majority of actors are members of the Mongoloid race. Please can you be more racist? I like the Japanese movie Thermae Romae because it puts Japanese actors to portray an ancient Romans and just don't care about it, which is how it should be: if you care about the race of the actors you are being, well, racist.

You are upset that a movie with rich Asians doing crazy things is called "Crazy Rich Asians"? You moral busybodies need to find more worthy things to be offended at. Then again people like you probably enjoy being perpetually offended. That makes you a snowflake.

And in other, more important news, it looks like a humaan trial shows that NR (Nicotinamide Riboside, a vitamin B3 derivitive) is effective in notably reducing fatty liver over a 12 week period. Iowa University NR researcher Charles Brenner thinks that even more fat could be cleared out if used another 12 weeks.

See why comments need to stay open?

if you start a website that reports on fatty liver I promise I will read it once in a while.

I want the comments closed, on most posts, I remember back in the day when we had a bulletin board at our high school and all the witty kids would (a) post caricatures of beloved teachers, in a sly and affectionate mocking way and (b) post really boring insights into life. It was sad, because I knew that none of the kids posting the caricatures knew how small a role in their life the desire to draw a caricature of a high school teacher would compromise (Constitute?). And most of them had no idea what life is, they were just at a stage in life where not many of us know what life is about, but they did not know that. Result: boring observations ..... trust me

I remember when Barkley Rosser and Roger Sweeny and some guy who claimed to be a good chess player and some other guy who claimed to be a mathematician used to show up every once in a while in these comment threads, and try to say things they thought were true. Back then, comments were correctly open. They even mocked my mathematical knowledge, not knowing that me and a couple of the Ramanujans of our day used to pal around over tea, discussing amazing equations ..... Now ....

see why comments need to stay open?

when was the last time you thought about how sad those intricately drawn caricatures of popular or at least well-known high school teachers were?

and, in the next universe over, how beautiful it is when heart speaks to heart and a true portrait is created, with nothing wrong in the portrayal

The public/private pay gap isn't big enough.

3. from wikipedia: "Mercury refused to explain his composition other than saying it was about relationships; the band is still protective of the song's secret."
If true, partial evidence in favour of this interpretation?

#4: "Most people see software updates as an annoyance, not a reason to celebrate." Indeed. I work in front of my computer the whole day. Why should I keep doing the same during my free time?

The Genius Bar reference is quite interesting. The car has ALL the information needed to evaluate our driving. There could be some feedback like -do you need to be so close to the bumper of the car in front? leave some space, or - you passed too close to that cyclist, try leaving more space next time. How customers would react to this feedback? My dream car-feedback: the light has changed to green since 3 seconds ago and we're not moving, are you retarded?

3. People should stop using the word Straussian when what they really, really, mean is "subtext".

On #4, one would hope that eventually Tesla would eliminate the dash screen altogether by using voice commands for everything under its control.

Oh Brexit! .... The Tesla model looks promising. We need to move to electric vehicles now.

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