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You Can Rent This Cottage Made Entirely of Chocolate is making your Willy Wonka dreams come true with its new chocolate cottage (you read that right, chocolate) in Sèvres, France.

No, this isn’t simply a cottage filled with chocolate treats. Instead, it’s a cottage made entirely of the sweet stuff located at the glass house L’Orangerie Ephémère in the gardens of the Cité de la Céramique.

“Designed and manufactured by Jean-Luc Decluzeau, the renowned artisan chocolatier who specializes in chocolate sculptures, this unique, 18-square-meter chocolate cottage will be crafted out of approximately 1.5 tons of chocolate,” shared in a statement.


Do you want ants? That's how you get ants!

You don't need a chocolate house. You only need sit to quietly under the bodhi tree.

And you can also stay at the Ice Palace, as featured in a James Bond film, and hope it doesn't melt.

Bonus trivia: vanilla or chocolate? I like vanilla, but chocolate is more popular in the Third World (we have cacao trees in our backyard, they make a powdery chocolate sweet that's hard and not buttery like machine manufactured chocolate however). Currently, there's a shortage of vanilla bean so prices are up for this flavor.

Bonus trivia: tropical fruits like chocolate, jackfruit, others will grow out of the trunk of the tree. It's pretty weird looking. In the West you have fruit trees where the fruit gracefully comes out of a small branch that's part of a larger branch connected to the trunk, but here, the fruit just pops out of the truck, and the branches do not have fruit.

Chocolate rabbits frolicking round the duck pond under chocolate butterflies? --or do chocolate ladybugs crawl around with high contrast demarcations of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate?

(I endorse the idea of featuring chocolate-covered ants, too, while challenging chocolatiers with conjuring a transparent chocolate gel simulating amber in which desiccated [?] insects could be dipped fondue-style for gustatory relish. Yum!)

What is address of this place?

You Can Rent This Cottage Made Entirely of Chocolate

But can you eat it?

Only if you are the first guest.

I was thinking "hope the beds are at least made like M&Ms" but the fireplace pretty much makes the whole sleeping clean moot.

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