Unusual failed Beatle Asimov markets in everything

[Paul] McCartney was still wrestling with the comparison between the two bands [the Beatles and Wings].  A few months earlier he had commissioned veteran sci-fi author Isaac Asimov to write a screenplay. “He had the basic idea for the fantasy, which involved two sets of musical groups,” Asimov recalled, “a real one, and a group of extraterrestrial imposters.  The real one would be in pursuit of the imposters and would eventually defeat them, despite the fact that the latter had supernormal powers.”  Beyond that framework, McCartney offered Asimov nothing more than “a snatch of dialogue describing the moment when the group realised they were being victimised by imposters.”  Asimov set to work and produced a screenplay that he called “suspenseful, realistic and moving.”  But McCartney rejected it.  As Asimov recalled, “He went back to his one scrap of dialogue out of which he apparently couldn’t move.”

That is from Peter Doggett’s excellent You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup.


Sounds too reminiscent of the bands in the movie "Yellow Submarine".

Still, the notion of a McCartney-inspired and Asimov-written movie is intriguing.

Asimov passed quite a few years ago, but Pauls McCartney and Krugman are still kicking; I wonder if they will ever meet and will talk about Asimov?

I'm guessing that McCartney was somewhat inspired by the success of the Kubrick-Clarke partnership in "2001: A Space Odyssey". He might've been better off going in a non-SF direction as George Harrison did in producing several movies for Monty Python and/or Terry Gilliam. Or as Michael Nesmith did in producing "Repo Man".

I always knew The Monkees were aliens with super powers in disguise...

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But wasn't Paul McCartney killed in a car crash in 1966 and replaced by an imposter? If not, I've been playing my lps backwards for years for no reason.

We now the true colors of the Brazilian flag!

Speaking of mixed metaphors and eating the beast part of the Turkey - Take the NYT, today, Ms. Dowd diagnosis' the hearings with racism, against white priveledged men (like poor black men who are frisked)while saying "race... was not a part of this 'excruciating face-off.'"

She says, Clarence Thomas "cried racism to snatch the mantle of victim," yet Anita Hill is black. She teaches at the Heller School. She is not a victim, not wants to be portrayed as such. Regardless, the turn of phrase refers to Assasination. Nothing of the sort is present, neither is famine, sword or fire.

The idea that the NYT "owns" it is misleading.

Anita Hill, back in the day, was a very attractive recent law school grad. Maureen Dowd, back in the day, had access to Hollywood level men. If either one of them thought they had a right to complain because they were unattractive to the opposite sex, or because they lacked social power, they were being dishonest. Of course that is just one aspect of their beef against the world,but in that one aspect, don't believe anyone who tells you Maureen Dowd and Anita Hill were not people who could lay down the law when it came to personal relationships with the sort or person in the opposite sex who was charmed by beauty, if they wanted to.

So .... neither one, in their youth, was unprivileged when it comes to some things that matter, like being able to make a good living and find a good mate. There is - and was - something else going on with poor Maureen. I don't have to say what it is, you probably understand.

As for Anita Hill, I have no opinion one way or another, not having much information. That being said, Clarence Thomas was clearly the best and most intelligent Supreme Court Justice before Alito was confirmed. His opinions from the days when Scalia was on the court with him are better reasoned than Scalia's were. Just saying. Now, he is a close second to Alito.

I've read Chekov backwards and but who the hell gives a damn about how I treated Shamu?

God cares. Your guardian angel cares. Those people you have met who have insight into what inspires you to do good --- or to fail, for reasons only you know, to do good --- care. I could go on.

The key would have been to add Looney Tunes.

Absolutely gripping book, one of the very best and most psychologically revealing Beatle narratives.

Agreed. So revealing about how four young men deal with their sudden and precarious wealth while maturing artistically. When Brian Epstein dies and Alan Klein moves in, the strains overwhelmed them. Not to mention Apple!

The Beatles: a possible example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts ...or not. Probably the most overrated aggregation of talent ever.

There was a mop-haired boy band running around "Gilligan's Island" one episode. I remember as a very small child believing it was the Beatles, but also having the faintest inkling of surprise that a band as famous as the Beatles, had appeared on my favorite show.

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