Wednesday assorted links

1. The most unwanted song, explanation here.  I still like it more than most of what is on the radio.  And it is certainly better than the most wanted song.

2. The best albums of the 1980s (was it really so bad?).

3. NASA’s next rockets might say Budweiser on the side.  And thwarted markets in everything:

In 1993, a Georgia company called Space Marketing proposed putting a billboard in space so big that it would be visible from Earth. But the plan was met with disapproval from some in Congress, who derided the idea, saying space was a commons that should stay free of advertising.

Edward J. Markey, then a Massachusetts congressman, lamented the possibility of children wishing “upon a falling billboard.”

4. Does the future have pet foxes?

5. Uh-oh Fan Bingbing.


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