Monday assorted links

1. Who gained and lost the most from the Seattle minimum wage hike? (NYT)  Paper here.

2. Japan’s hometown tax.

3. Chinese leafy greens.

4. Is the Saudi influence machine running out of steam?

5. Actors are digitally preserving themselves to continue working beyond the grave: “The suite of services that the company offers actors includes a range of different scans to capture their famous faces from every conceivable angle—making it simpler to re-create them in the future.  Using hundreds of custom LED lights arranged in a sphere, numerous images can be recorded in seconds capturing what the person’s face looks like lit from every angle—and right down to the pores.”  And:

“Digital Domain has scanned signature hairstyles, wardrobes, and props as well. The total process takes up to two days and generates five to 10 terabytes of data, depending on the extent of detail being recorded. The full selection of services can cost a million dollars.”


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