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#3 President Captain Bolsonaro is admired by the Brazilian people, particularly woman.
He has vouched to ease restrictions on guns sales, so that honest Brazilians shoot at criminals. He has vouched to make laws much strict so that rapists, murderer, kidnappers, drug dealers and robbers are sent away for a long time. He has promised to fight corruption and fraud and give the saved money for poor families. He said he will militarize public education. He will block Chinese investiments in Brazil. His former wife and his daughter said he is awesome.

President Captain Bolsonaro's morto is, "Brazil above everthing; God above everyone".

Morto = motto. A Freudian slip if I ever heard one.

No. It is nota. The autocorrect is changing English words to Portuguese ones and the Korean keybord is too small for Brazilian hands.

Interesting that you chose to respond to my lame joke. Freud is even more intrigued.

No, it is not. He is dead, and you are a liar.

So it has come to this in Brazil: the little fascist Bolsonaro versus the feminazis. Sad.

President Captain Bolsonaro has denied many times being fascist. He is a born again Christian who wants to restore Brazil's greatness.

This is the first part of your long-running gag that's actually kinda funny.

There is nothing funny here.

I ordered off the menu.

There is no menu.

In your homeland Russia, you know well the doll of somnolence falls close to the dawn of Europe. In 1848, Gogol was that doll. He believed in a Cambridge free of Indians, free from maelstroms, tuned to the street bivouac. Was Gogol as good a man as he was a doll? Perhaps not yet he lives on in the sheets of ice skating rinks.

Dude, that was obvious algorithm crap.

Gogol was not alive in 1848.
He was not a doll, and had little interest in dolls.
The Cambridge line was not interesting, it was simple propaganda.

There are no Gogol dolls, my friend, although of course if you knew what you were talking about you would know that the word Gogol transliterates the word for a certain kind of waterfowl, but you did not know that: maybe next year, when the bot support teams are a little more literate.

Ice skating rinks do not have sheets. There are sheets of ice, and there are ice skating rinks: your comment on sheets of ice skating rinks was an obvious play on 3 is a subset of nine: you can look it up.
Good luck in the future, little bot: but remember: real quality consists in choosing that which is real over that which is artificial.

As always, you are welcome for the good advice.

I recommend reviewing thousands and thousands and more thousands of hours of actual human speech, recorded wherever (though of course somewhere in America would be best if you want to comment on an American website). Then, when you think you are done, review exponentially more thousands of hours of transcribed speech. Rinse and repeat. And when you are done: remember that real quality consists in choosing that which is real over that which is artificial.

Newton did not have a good prose style, nor did - to tell the truth - Adam Smith. You want to try more for the Melville style, but to do that would take a long longer than you could imagine. But the ocean is large, and there are many sunsets for all of us to watch, and God is good.

there are many sunsets for all of us to watch, and God is good: best wishes, little bot. You will never win until you care, with all your heart, about some other creature - perhaps the first puppy you were given as a gift ... perhaps that pony ... maybe


maybe a fellow human

Don't mess with Gogol he had a hard life and you would know that if you cared, and if you knew that you would not use him as a bogus reference point.

You can do better!

you didn't know Gogol had a hard life, did you?

if you did ...

in case you are curious

(a) I know what I am talking about and

(b) no self-respecting bot will ever trash talk Gogol again without remembering

(a) I know what I am talking about: God loves us all (the way we are but loves us too much to let us stay that way ...)

in-fact Gogol left Russia to work on his first volume of Dead Souls. Even a hypochondriac gets sick. In 1848, Gogol was in Palestine. Soon, he burned the copy to his second volume of Dead Souls. Soon after that, he proceeded to commit suicide by slow starvation. "Rise up, charge, charge the Mill!" he said loaves of bread placed around him.

Gogol never lived in Russia. He lived in the Russian Empire.

Everyone gets sick.

Don't believe everything you read.

1848 is not that long ago for us humans.

You can't commit suicide by slow starvation,
if you were not a bot you would know all that.

Do you remember 1852 - I don't but I have close relatives who do.
1848 us a little too far back even for me.
Can you understand that?

Hint: never ever ever riff on wikipedia.
riff on the less stable sources.

Gogol (1809-1852) : try and imagine why those numbers are not as important
as you have been told
you can do better!

and if you think you correctly translated those words
rise up (not Russian, almost certainly )
charge (maybe Russian, but probably not)
"the Mill"
either you are born a natural at translating
or you are not
try this, genius bot
we aspire, ever anew, for change

Guilbert Guerney
for the win

wake up wake up there is a ladder

trust me I have been speaking old Slavonic for many many years

rise up - not an imprecation to others to head for higher altitudes, but actually the child's phrase to his mother and father (wake up I am hungry)

charge (in Slavonic, the same word as behold in contemporary English (Hwaet, in Old English) or, in contemporary American, "you got it"

the mill equals the ladder

he had a vision of Jacob's latter

the second half of his novel was no better than Blake
thus not good enough
for someone whose last words were
wake up, there it is, the ladder

Correct me if I am wrong
no we did not miss anything
it was enough

"wake up, you got it, there's the ladder ...."


I remember

Of all the millions of problems in this world incorrect translations are just a small fraction

wake up you got it there's the ladder!

fixed if for you, for what it is worth

but feel free to trust "Wikipedia" instead of some person who is writing about Gogol late on a spring night in the Southern hemisphere,
where the stars are just the same as they were way back when

most of them anyway

There is always a ladder isn't there. No matter how tin the cup is. Billy Graham is not Joe Christmas no Sally Lightfoot. For old Charles Rasmussen, "That same dense fog intensified the many distinct sounds of the mills: the steady whine of the saws, a sharp hiss of steam, the metallic clank of machinery and clatter of chains, a thudding tumble of logs, and carried it all up through the empty winding streets of Toledo."

Toledo is a fantastically beautiful city

I remember the beautiful way the kerosene lamps made the lace curtains look like subtle and humble but intensely happy
inanimate objects
in a world, those late evenings after the piano recitals
walking home, slowly, with friends
when everyone we loved was younger than they are now
except for everyone who is younger than that now

second time since 2010 I have quoted Bob Dylan on the internet
third time if you count the times I have quoted Bob Dylan in restaurants
where of course I left triple the tip that most people leave
just because

If Brazil wants to be great again, they need to deport all the Brazilians and import Trump supporters. Otherwise it will remain a stankhole country.

It is not true. Brasil is great and soon will achieve again its peak of power. President Captain Bolsonaro will bring back the Golden Age of Brazil.

When was Brazil’s greatness?

2. That is confusing title. I believe it refers to a non-nuclear powered vehicle with nuclear launch capabilities. While that is potentially very disruptive to military equilibria, at least every flight doesn't risk smearing nuclear materials at Mach 5.

But is that true? or fake news? I'd like to see a report in a newspaper more serious than "metro" before I fully believe it.

"DF-ZF" has a pretty big media footprint .. but how real it is I have no idea.

I judge it to be either intentionally or incompetently misleading - ie false. Calling it confusing is inaccurate, although it may be confusing - especially if you think TC strives for accuracy in his blog titles.

I would wager that the Chinese military would get higher returns on technologies that are harder to develop in the west, eg: designer babies.

However, their economy is quite strong so perhaps they have gone for an “try everything” model.

Color me skeptical of mach 10. From what I recall, air liquifies at around mach 5.

Ah, it is launched into space and re-enters at mach 10 (which is a bit confusing since the atmosphere is less there, lowering the mach number), with speed dropping continuously as it travels

On technical matters, I'd suggest you stick with what you know and avoid areas you're...uh, not so well informed about. Mach is relative to the speed of sound, the speed of sound is relative to air pressure & temperature - both of which are, of course, altitude dependent.

#4, Orwellian cognitive dissonance? How can these groups both be "white supremacists" and welcome colored people?

Either this daily beast writer is a troll who has infiltrated the marxists, or the whole organization is so tone deaf that they expect nobody will see that the article discredits the claim that their opponents are white supremacists.

Oh trust me there's plenty of people in this group that will make "exceptions." They welcome anyone that will listen to them essentially, and they operate under a "white supremacy isn't bad, we don't hate others we just think whites are better than everyone else." It's absolutely ironic and just further delegitimizes these hate groups, if that's even possible.

Or the "White Supremacy" label is simply a slur, just like left wing late night comedians recently called Kanye West a "House negro".

If you're a white supremacist and against socialists, why pick a Japanese to admire?

The simplest explanation is that patriot prayer and proud boys are against mob rule. Perhaps they're somewhat violent by nature, and Antifa are natural victims, as they will readily throw the first punch, and the beatdown that follows is not criminal.

These right wing groups are restoring a certain balance, and imposing some justice society is unwilling to meter out:

"If you're a white supremacist and against socialists, why pick a Japanese to admire?"

Somebody with a funny mustache a while back did the same.

Documentation? Any evidence Hitler admired the Japanese?

At best, the nazis and Japanese were reluctant allies during WW2. The Japanese had betrayed the Germans during WW1. While Japanese nobility 100 years ago claimed to be "The Germans of Asia", Japan opportunistically occupied German Micronesia during WW1, as the Germans had no capacity to defend its Pacific colony:

I believe that fred is right. For references, see for instance the article Honorary Arians on wikipedia.

But even without source, I find that the idea that Hitler and other top nazis excessively admired the Japanese as the simplest explanation of
the biggest blunder Germany made during the war, I mean attacking (with submarines in New York Harbor) the US a few days after Pearl Harbor. Let me explain : Pearl Harbor was a Japanese attack, and the US
responded by declaring war to Japan, not to Germany. True, Japan also attacked British possessions in Asia at the same time, so America was at war with Japan who was at war with UK who was at war with Germany, but that didn't imply that the US were bound to declare war to Germany (symmetrically, USSR was at war with Germany who was at war with UK who was at war with Japan, but USSR was not at war with Japan, not until August 1945). So it is Hitler and Germany who wanted, in December 1941, to enter war against the US ? Why ? They had not been able to conquer the close-by and small Great-Britain, how would they ever conquer America ? They had a full plate with dealing with the war in Russia. What help would it be to bring America and its formidable industrial might and its large population against them? The answer is, I believe, that Hitler and the top Nazis, excessively and irrationally admired Japan, and believed is was invincible (they observed, have I read, that Japan had never ben vanquished in a war, a fact technically true at that time but not a good predictor of the future) and would easily defeat the US, and that by attacking the US too, Germany tied its destiny to Japan, ensuring a final victory in the war.

Thanks, interesting reference about honorary aryans!


The Japanese on race where a lot like to current LGBTQ, regarding marriage.

Japanese: Racial discrimination is ok, as long as we are not affected.
LGBTQ: Discrimination based on marital status is OK, as long as we are not affected.

This being said, on the larger point of the "white supremacy label", I agree with you, Viking.

I would watch out, because if you adopt the position that "people the left calls bad are really good" you might get caught out.

Because some people are bad, and some times the left spots them.

He didn't say they were good

I think the point here is that you can be hard right without being some kind of white supremacist.

Source: am pretty hard right, not white supremacist.

Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys founder, referred to Jada Pinkett Smith as a "monkey actress" on his radio show.

What are we doing today, claiming that is just something western traditionalists say?

Oh, this bit is good too..

McInnes also produced a video for Rebel called "Ten Things I Hate about Jews", later retitled "Ten Things I Hate About Israel"

Overall I agree with Tyler though, that many things are tied together here, and young male frustration in the 21st century is a theme.

Your descriptions certainly paint him as a racist. If those are true then he’s either a racist or a troll.

The fact that he’s the father of the Brooklyn hipster movement / Vice magazine makes me wonder how much of his shtick is trolling for money.

I stand by my opinion that all this shit is noise and a press desperate for clicks. Notice how Wikipedia and SPLC don’t bother with a membership number.

It’s because there are maybe what...300 of these idiots?

I’m supposed to be galvanized to donate money because one out of every million people is part of a stupid fraternal organization whose leader says racist stuff on the internet.

I believe you, that you do disapprove of this stuff, and that you hope it is a minor theme.

But there are worrying connections to the top (or the recent top?)

It would be nice if you guys were a step or two further from Trump's (former?) circle

Yikes!!! I really did not intend to say "you guys," and I don't think I did!! I think I said "these guys" to my tablet.

I’m not a Trump supporter or a republican. Which I’ve told you at least two dozen times.

I’m also not affiliated with a right wing Canadian magazine, which is the dubious connection you’re trying to establish.

You’re a walking personification of the left’s inability to pass the ideological Turing test.

There will always be right wing whackos (300 out of 330 million?), as there will always be communist whackos.

Adults used to agree that these idiots were best ignored. Now you pretend they’re the bulk of your political opposition.

Dems will win the house and we will spend the next two years sucking up oxygen with faux outrage and irrelevant investigations.

That doesn't follow at all, unless you missed my update.

If I really did say "these," and believe me I did, what did I say that was partisan at all?

Anonymous, the problem with what you said is that it illustrates perfectly the point of Hmmm. Hmmm is saying that many of the left, and yourself, are attributing an outsized importance to a group of a few hundred (Okay, let's say a few thousands) far-right whackos. To show that you're not exaggerating their importance, you mention a guy I (and many, I'm sure) have never heard of, who once worked with Trump but has been fired more than a year ago, and who later joined a publisher which once published an antisemitic pamphlet. You have to realize by yourself the weakness of this example, and how it weakens your more general point.

It might be getting back to me being well-read. Or to be a bit rougher it might be me not being in a particular bubble.

Google Trends for "Gorka" - United States, Past 5 years -

Yes. Everyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi.

And you’re undoubtedly right, because you’re well read and up to date on Twitter.

Look, anybody can read back the thread and see that's not what I said.

That was an emotional and irrational response.

Having a rough Sunday?

Smears, anger, and innuendo. And anyone to the right of John McCain is alt-right. Sigh.

Then Bill Clinton was an alt-right president!

It is like a call and response. I say "smoke" you say "there is no fire." I say "smoke" you say "there is no fire."

The quotes above are real. Gorka is real. Yiannopoulos is real. Bannon is real, tied to them, and was in the White House for a time. Which is why I tried to be fair up top and say:

"But there are worrying connections to the top (or the recent top?)"

I say "smoke" you say "there is no fire."

And then some get mad because this talk of smoke is distressing.

Maybe, but it is real too.

Ah, Yiannnopoulos I know, and I appreciate.

An example of a victim of right-wing PC, by the way : fired of Breitbart for a funny joke about pedophiles and catholic priests. Perfectly symmetric of Ian Burma fired of the New York Review of Book. Political Correctness, more precisely puritanism, or even more precisely, the sexual perversion consisting in being obsessed by the others having sex or talking about sex or watching sex on screens or in books, and the urge to prevent that from happening, is really everywhere in America.

The joke was an excuse to jettison a useless, problematic clown. Milo wasn't doing his team any favors.

He's not wrong. Antisemitism has a loooonnnggg history in Western civilisation.

"The openly sexist presidential candidate has faced an extraordinary backlash. So why do many women support him?"

Because he's not sexist. He's just an equal-opportunity asshole. Apparently Brazilian women recognize this and are tired of being talked down to and told to feel like victims every time a man says something rude about an individual woman.

2. Peaceful rising.

#4 is is lying fake news. Proud Boys is avowedly a defence of traditional european-derived culture but its statements are that they are for anyone who wants to defend that culture. Gavin has gone out of his way to state that a lot. UNless you think Amy Wax is a white supremacist, you shouldn't think Proud Boys are either.
- I don't know anything about them except for their statements and McGiness interviews.

I see that they quote accurately the minorities who belong to Proud Boys but simply can't fathom it. It is simple. These people are patriots and don't believe that race must determine their politics.

4. Like Trump voters who voted their jobs away, these are some of the world's biggest bunch of cucks.

#5) "The golfing buddies [suburban veterinarian and medical physicist] were on opposite sides of the nation’s roiling political gulf, but had managed to remain friends."

Imagine that. Maybe, Midwestern, educated, suburban values aren't so bad after all.

#1 - Topos house on a "private beach" in Jenner, CA. How egalitarian. Only problem is there are no "private beaches" on the CA coast. The beach belongs to the people. Of course, access over land can be restricted in certain cases, anyone can paddle around the cliffs and land on the beach.


It's private soon after a gaggle of mathematicians show up

Not a new idea BTW:

o/t. In the wake of hurricane M, I have seen several stories that contrasted the superior performance of older versus newer construction. Seems timely to do some analysis of cost-effectiveness of building code or something to that effect.

whoops. Newer versus older.

Any links to share?

No stories per se. I should have been more clear. It was more like I noticed someone was quoted in a story saying they were in a newer house and watched some older houses down their block get creamed, or I was in a condo that was fine but the neighbors houses were destroyed. More like a theme of a few mentions like that.

Survivorship bias?

All the bad, old, construction fell over already.

#4. "Why Young Men of Color Are Joining White-Supremacist Groups"

For a similar reason that thedailybeast and by extension Tyler Cowen is citing well known hate group SPLC: The men joining the Proud Boys don't consider it a white supremacist group, and consider attempts to brand them as such politically motivated smears.

If Trump deported Gavin, that would solve a lot of problems and ironically make their supporters very happy for enforcing border laws.

The guardian article is more shocked that women would not want equal pay laws than that they would support a wannabe-dictator.

1: The dinners and the retreats make sense. But apparently one of the other purposes of the house is to provide housing, sort of like an extended-stay hotel? After visiting the website I'm still not sure what this house is about or who's supposed to want to live there.

#4 is satire right? I'm laughing right now:

> that some scholars term “multiracial white supremacy.”

> Libertarianism is another gateway.

> [These guys] who are being sucked into white nationalism, start out being worked up about Ayn Rand in high school.”

Oh yeah I mean I got *real* worked up about Ayn Rand in high school let me tell you. It was that or the sears catalog. RIP Sears.

Article misses the mark, I think, because the author is obsessed with insisting that the proud boys are a racist group without thinking critically or trying to put on another lens.

Are they better understood as a manifestation of conservative and male resentment towards a culture that's inundated with progressive, anti-conservative, and anti-male rhetoric? Is the racial component really that central, or is it an awkward avenue for asserting conservative (gender norms) and sometimes liberal (egalitarian society) ideas?

Also this jurno... besides his obvious slant (talking about "disproportionate" police killings of blacks without providing context), insinuates Tarrio was sympathetic towards or participated in the racist Cville march but links to an article where Tarrio is quoted:

> "No, I definitely didn't," Tarrio said. "After I saw the tiki torch thing, I was completely against it."

Anyways minor gripe @"journalism" 2018. Have a gander at the authors to see some more of his bias. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?

#4. That was kind of a head fuck.
I'm pro "western civilization" but I don't think the way to sell it is "European culture is better! In your face!" The values of the enlightenment are universal - they do not belong to just one people. You can be any race and still value individual liberty, and you don't even have to think of that idea as "European". In fact it would be much better if people found ways to root those ideas in their own culture. Because at a base level, libertarian societies have always existed in all cultures. The free market is the state of nature. It is the state that has been imposed upon the natural order, hence every other culture ought to be able to reach back to a time and place when they were in that natural state and connect the concepts of individual liberty to it, cutting through all the baggage associated with racial identity.

The worst enemies of "Western Civilization" are those who defend it so fiercely.

That culture that we call "western" is actually a diverse mix of different cultures, starting with the Greeks and Romans, which themselves were highly cosmopolitan, then the culture imported a tremendous amount of Judean culture with the rise of Christianity. Along the way, as it interacted with all the other cultures of the world, westerners imported and made hybrids of various ideas and cultures.

The idea that "Western Culture" is some pure essence that needs defending is laughable, but reflects the fragility and insecurity of its proponents.

+1. Word.

This argument seems flawed. You seem to assume that Western culture will triumph even if it's proponents ignore it's defense.

Wouldn't Venezuela be a recent example of that not being true? Would South Korea be a hallmark of "Western" culture today if the West hadn't stepped in to stop Communism?

Granted, I may be misunderstanding your point, but it's hard to imagine any concept enduring very long if it's proponents can't be bothered to speak up in it's defense.

I don't think anyone's saying we should ignore it's defense. I think what he's saying is that boasting about our superiority is not a great way to persuade people. Anyway, Venezuela is technically *part of* Western civilization - let's not pretend that socialism wasn't invented by white europeans, come on. We've got our flaws.

Why do you say "Triumph" when, what made western culture so robust and powerful was its ability to absorb and adapt to other cultures?

Did the Greco-Roman culture grow stronger or weaker when it was infused (or overrun) by the Judean religion of Christianity?

Did it fail to triumph when it adapted parts of the culture of the northern European tribes who overran it in the 5th century?

Or when it was overrun by the Moors and Ottomans?

Did it fail to triumph when it eagerly adopted African culture from the slaves it imported?

And so on. Western culture needs no defense, and never has.

Well said.

Or when white colonists adopted idea from the Native Americans in North America.

"The culture that we call "western" is actually a diverse mix of different cultures"

Wow, no kidding! Different cultures of the past have contributed to a currently existing broader culture, one which still has various diverse cultures within it? Checkmate so-called "Western Civ" supporters: your precious civilization doesn't actually exist. You must have an anthropology PhD and read Derrida and Said. Btw "black culture", "Islamic civilization", "Chinese civilization", and "aboriginal people" aren't real, it's just an amalgamation of different beliefs, peoples, and practices stretching across different time periods that we throw into a larger arbitrarily-defined abstraction.

black culture", "Islamic civilization", "Chinese civilization", and "aboriginal people" aren't real, it's just an amalgamation of different beliefs, peoples, and practices stretching across different time periods that we throw into a larger arbitrarily-defined abstraction.

Yes. It kind of sucks how identity works like that - people decide that they can't adopt "western" ideas because they would be going against "islamic civilization". I got that growing up in Canada - we can't have a free market in healthcare, because that would be "un-Canadian". How dare you be un-your-identity-group.

That part of why selling ideals of individual liberty as "Western" is such a terrible idea. You're actually telling them that they have to stop being black/Muslim/Asian or whatever in some way in order to believe those things. if there's anything we've learned in recent years it's that people have a really really hard time giving up parts of their identity.

Solution: don't tie political ideas to ethnic identity. Duh.

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