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#2 - I swear that Christian missionary had a death wish. Suicide by primitive man! He tried to cover it up (since suicide is un-Christian) by writing in his diary things like 'why are these people so mean when I'm nice to them?' when clearly he should have known better, as apparently he had researched this people in high school. Sad all around.

Martyrdom by arrow is very traditional.

Yes, the St. Sebastian painting. Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, by Il Sodoma, c. 1525. Ill Sodoma, that's ill. (Wikipedia): "He is commonly depicted in art and literature tied to a post or tree and shot with arrows. Despite this being the most common artistic depiction of Sebastian, he was, according to legend, rescued and healed by Irene of Rome. Shortly afterwards he went to Diocletian to warn him about his sins, and as a result was clubbed to death.". Out of the frying pan, into the fire!

This article linked to the Twitter thread is good: (but it's also sad, how these tribes are treated as museum pieces instead of left alone).

If St. Irene could heal him after that many arrows she should be able to handle a clubbing to death.

Today, we get a glimpse of what Edward Said would call “Yes another dialectically opposite component in [NYT propagandism], existing at its interior where [failure] is never [admitted] (even though directly experienced)…We find the self-deluding terms, “fanaticism, violent extremism, self-directed, internet-inflamed terrorists,” using the label “right-wing” extremism. We get the headline “brink of global warming catastrophe.” Below that, "palm oil unleashes catastrophe." We get Ross Douthat claiming “harbingers of Republic’s eventual end.”
Well, could the Chesire Murders have been accomplished without a cell-phone? Could the pulse nightclub? These are obviously mentally sick people (usually always victimized as children), though they may have political associations, it is not politics which is the driving cause. As Mr. Said would say, there is an “absolute difference.”
You cannot lump in mass terror with white supremacism, otherwise wouldn’t gang violence fall under left-wing violence? Gangs are not mentioned though from 2002-2012 the amount of gangs increased by 10,000.
Ross Douthat relishes in Schumer's internal contradictions: "But when he (John Roberts) is issuing rulings with which Schumer disagrees, he is a “partisan” and “highly political” and a “Republican.”
This all for the simple reason that "it is easy to mobilize people on the basis of fear."

Terrorism and politics unite in this swift satire of the press, the presidency, and the panic button. Sean Connery stars.

said and add.

CUCK, van jones had a whole thing on CSPAN

1. Take one: a vicious attack on the Trump administration economic policies that is killing jobs!

E.g., the excessive paperwork that is impossible for large number of workers is taking away the ability of workers to work, making them unemployed, in poverty, and thus homeless.

How can a program that supposedly promotes work for poor people who are living in areas without internet access which poor people could not afford be a requirement for a jobs program. Worse, how can a internet based reporting system be unavailable 10 hours a day to users who must go to public institutions to access the reporting system?

Thus the Medicaid work requirement takes away medication needed by workers with problems like congested heart condition, forcing him to lose work from emergency stays in hospitals, or being unable to keep up the work pace?

What employer can keep paying a worker who can't be relied on because of untreated health problems???

A problem created by a bloated system created by the Trump administration.

A secondary example is the worker incentive program of forgiven student loans for graduates who fill low wage for high stress public service jobs, e.g. teaching in rural areas of poverty, or working in health and social welfare. The paperwork requirements are designed by the outsourced for profit administrators of pepper pushing to ensure a failure to comply. And Betsey DeVos has indicated too many workers are getting loans forgiven, something like 24 out of tens of thousands in the program.

Clearly the Trump policy is intended to ensure no workers exist to serve the needs of rural and poor communities.

Good to see Trump's time machine is working, mulp. So #1 is by Cass Sunstein, in 2015. Who's his boss? No irony at all huh?

If you look at details of the Medicaid work requirement, it looks like active war on the working poor. A requirement to report work *monthly* and on-line, for people who often have no computer or smartphone.

The loan thing is bad as well. They are up to 96 approvals of 30,000 applications!

Good examples of Sludge.

Yes it’s horrifically unfair to ask healthy adults to work for receiving thousands of dollars of tax money in benefits.

Welcome to the Democrat party circa 2018.

Just curious, did you actually read the article, and were you immune to its pathos?

(Maybe I shouldn't be as aggressively agnostic as I am about the missionary. If he was right he is in heaven now. But maybe Ray is right and this deserves some pathos too.)

But what is "sludge" is not a defect, it's a feature! A lot of times, in immigration law, the amount of paperwork is impossibly long, purposely, to discourage visas given to tourists. Even for a simple "Schengen" visa the amount of paperwork can reach 50+ pages, including stuff like showing you have money in the bank, all for the right to visit the EU from the Philippines for 90 days as a tourist. Incredible amount of paperwork. Same for getting a fiancee visa in the USA, and btw the paperwork needed is NOT referenced in the instructions (so they can reject you easier). Unreal the fear that Americans have for foreigners. Doesn't bother me however, just an annoyance, as I WILL get my way. I always do as a member of the 1%. Always. Money talks.

Visa consultancies are annoying but compared to the overall cost of an overseas trip not really prohibitively expensive.

@Anon -depends on who you are, what the climate is. My fiancee visa was rejected twice, and I'm an American with no legal problems. Here in the Philippines ordinary, normal people comply with all the visa requirements and get turned down, routinely. Just because you can get a visa to go somewhere doesn't mean everybody in the world can (BTW with a US passport you don't need a visa to go anywhere, and that includes traveling illegally to Cuba, but I digress).

We've really lowered the standards of "war" if we're waging war against the poor by forcing people collecting Medicaid benefits at taxpayers' expense to file work reports every month. You have to file every 2 weeks to collect unemployment benefits, which must be the equivalent of nuclear war against the downtrodden.

In the spirit of this holiday season: More prisons, poor houses, and treadmills (which now one has to pay for the privilege of using at a gym)!

In which a computer-savvy non-poor person with 7 by 24 internet access cannot relate?

Maybe the system was designed by people such as you.

The problem is that the system is abused and the people who are taxed to pay for all this abuse have had enough. End the free stuff and require work for welfare.

Have you ever met the kind of person who cannot hold down regular work? Maybe a bit too paranoid for instance?

That's a rough combo to file for benefits at all, but especially monthly reports on activity.

With a social worker to assist, it might work, but that introduces a cost.

The on-line only version avoids that, on the IMO long odds hope that marginal workers are fully skilled, computationally speaking.

How does one "abuse" Medicaid? Yes, there are fraudulent claims by providers, but that's a problem with the doctors, etc and they should be severely punished for that chicanery. However I can't think of a situation where the patient benefits from such fraud. As far as I know patients never receive money from the program ; actual payments go directly to providers.

Rest assured that if I were the one waging "war" against the poor I'd make it more difficult than requiring recipients to use a computer or smart phone with internet access (vagrants have little trouble figuring out how to watch porn on the computers at the public library).

You can report for UI benefits by an automated phone line and there are only a small handful of questions to answer. The Medicaod reporting spins like it to be done online and is a lot more intensive.

TDS much?

Senator Malta, an influent Evangelical preacher and singer, has declared that God has chosen Presdient Capitain Bolsonaro, so that Brazil can throw off the leftist yoke and prosper.

Yeah, we all know how much God hates his son, getting him nailed to things an' all, so that makes sense.

Technically, not His son.

English is hard.

Reread the first chapter of John, if you want to know the real truth.

And don't worry about the fact He died, He did it willingly (I wasn' t there but I have friends who were there) , and He has lived an infinite number of days (I for example am twice as old as the oldest commented here and I have lived far far fewer than an infinite number of days - far and few, as they used to say, far and few ... if you are interested in that phrase, it is from a very good poem .... Far and few, far and few, were the lands where the Jumbles lived ---- their faces were green and their hands were blue, and they went to sea in a sieve. In a sieve they went to sea, in spite of all their friends could say .... reader comment- this explains the difference between us and God, in a way....).

Anyway, Christmas is the real deal, the real Christian holiday, Easter is just a footnote, the last few minutes of a Western where the happy ending is displayed.

Nobody tunes in a Western just to watch the last few minutes.

Christmas (and the Old Testament and its beautiful poetry) is the real deal when it comes to the true religion, Easter is just the ending credits (to compare lesser things to greater).

Machado de Assis would agree with me, but that is neither here nor there

No, he wouldn't. He wrote Christmas had changed since he was a Chile.

Yes he would, I understand him well, and he, in his turn, would understand me well too.

Nonne vides ut alta stet nive candidum Soracte ....

nec iam sustineant onus tam multae stellae ...

sustineant, amice, non laborantes, gaudeantes

Yes, he would

Don't you see how, on Mount Soracte, the snow stands tall

not, meanwhile, the stars hold such a weight (of snow)


they hold the weight, my friend, not struggling, but rejoicing (guadantes)

Proverbs 8, with an illustration (imagine a woodcut of Rembrandt, one of the lost works of genius that we just have to imagine) of a representation of Wisdom as a healthy and happy young woman, standing happily in a winter landscape while the world, for a moment, completely remembers what it was to be warm, and what it is to know that coldness is not permanent ....

I have seen such things further into the Amazon woods/jungle than even Machado has been

Yes, he would understand me

Nonne vides ?

Jumblies, I say! Jumblies!

Not jumbles. Have you no breeding?

Well, if Jesus was Chilean, that explains your attitude.

A child, I mean. THe Portuguese language autocorection corrected it.

chin up, thiago

yes, thiago, God loves us all

the river kind of lives - Faulkner, You cannot step in the same river twice - Heraclitus "Eric Cantona was a great soccer player and he was in a film once, as himself playing soccer."

In his first speech as President-elect, President Captain Bolsonaro said, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Saying the truth is essential.

John 8:32 ...

living the truth is essential too.

In retrospect if you have to, right now if you can, and in the future, through prayer.

Proverbs 8

#5 "sperm gone wrong", it's always the misguided sperm's fault, it's just not fair. The whole thing is revolting.

We need a national Sludge Index. By the way every physician I’ve talked to says that the sludge for even routine medicine is sucking up more and more of their time. They have more sludge processors in their offices than nurses.

#5 From appearances it doesn't look like Ms Ballard has much to complain about, albeit her existence was conceived in fraud, you might think she'd be thankful but then we wouldn't be reading about her and so it goes.

#5...Didn't theCecil Jacobson case lead to any changes?

Surprised that this story hasn't been linked yet on MR:

Warning: Telling a Lame Joke in an Elevator can Endanger Your Career

Yeah well being seen out in the smoking shed can end it, too. Pretty much anything can end it. Or not.

#2. I guess I should read it, but it starts out describing a historical period over 100 years ago implying it is relevant. I have no idea if it is, or isn't - depends on what has been handed down from the people who experienced it. Perhaps his intent was to motivate outrage and then inform, but I prefer to get the facts up-front. The thread claims the N.S. people don't have "genetic" immunity to global diseases. What?! That implies a genetic defect, which is possible but (imho) unlikely. It's more likely they lack immunity for lack of exposure, but perhaps I nit-pick. The thread as far as I see has no one suggesting that 1) the actions of the murderers was abnormal. That perhaps most of the people would welcome foreigners. 2) That these people live in a primitive utopia. Rule is not by the strong (or popular) over the weak (or unpopular). That preventable and/or curable illness is not a concern. That ignorance is an acceptable way to raise children. (Cultural heritage, right?) (But we are talking about India where literacy is far from universal and government corruption endemic)

And #5. The "trauma" is being told that half of your genes were from where your parents thought they were from. Gosh, I guess this means before we understood genetic heredity, people must have all run around partially traumatized. (Because your parents didn't know where any of your traits came from). I do thing that sperm banks should be held accountable for mistakes - such as not screening for kidney disease and apparently accepting the lies of the donors at face value (even though they're paid). But I have little sympathy for parents with brown eyes who have a blue eyed child, etc. and just to get on the same old soap box: race is NOT a biological fact. It isn't science any more than (Indian) castes are.

Coyne on human races:

"What are races?

In my own field of evolutionary biology, races of animals (also called “subspecies” or “ecotypes”) are morphologically distinguishable populations that live in allopatry (i.e. are geographically separated). There is no firm criterion on how much morphological difference it takes to delimit a race. Races of mice, for example, are described solely on the basis of difference in coat color, which could involve only one or two genes.

Under that criterion, are there human races?

Yes. As we all know, there are morphologically different groups of people who live in different areas, though those differences are blurring due to recent innovations in transportation that have led to more admixture between human groups."

He knows what he's talking about. It's not real in the sense that no models are real, but take that to the logical conclusions and nothing is real (because we only know reality through internal models we have formed, not directly).

Apparently, Cass Sustein finds that sludge is an impediment to nudge. (Insert fudge, judge, or budge joke here)

Nudge, nudge!

#2: Odd that the islanders are being excused entirely for murder by so many commentators. The penalty for trespassing, even in a serious case, is not death. Those who excuse the murder seem to be effectively saying that these folk are something akin to animals, it's just how they react and that's ok cause, you know, they've been treated badly before by some other "people" and they need to preserve their culture (whatever that is) yada yada yada. This isn't to say that there's another option, practically, to what's being done now (essentially ignore it), and I don't support an invasion of the island. But morally, to just kill anyone who shows up on your shores (even by accident) is an evil act. For example, this yo-yo with a mission could have been tied up and cast off the island on his boat, where the Indian authorities could have then punished him.

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