Sunday assorted links

1. Heterodox Academy podcast with Charlotta Stern.  And a related paper “Does political ideology hinder insights on gender and labor markets?”

2. “…exposure to a disruptive peer in classes of 25 during elementary school reduces earnings at age 24 to 28 by 3 percent. We estimate that differential exposure to children linked to domestic violence explains 5 percent of the rich-poor earnings gap in our data,and that each year of exposure to a disruptive peer reduces the present discounted value of classmates’ future earnings by $80,000.”  By Carrell, Hoekstra, and Kuka.  The size of that effect seems large to me, but worth a ponder in any case.

3. Scott Adams on the persuasive powers of Trump.

4. “…struggling individuals were more motivated by giving advice than receiving it.

5. Can tracking your moods with a wrist band stop your suicide?  Should we even go down this path?

6. Steve Bannon debates David Frum.


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