Alexa for animals

A peckish parrot has been caught ordering strawberries, a watermelon and even a water boiler through his foster owner’s electronic personal assistant.

Rocco, an African Grey, requested the items through an Alexa device while his minder was out of the home. Luckily, due to a parental lock, none of his attempted purchases went through.

Rocco, who lives with Marion Wischnewski in Berkshire, U.K., has attempted to order everything from kites and lightbulbs through Alexa since moving to her home. He also gets the device to tell him jokes and play his favorite tunes.

“I’ve come home before and he has romantic music playing,” Wischnewski told The Times of London. “He loves to dance and has the sweetest personality.”

Here is the story, via Michael Rosenwald.


i like this iste so much

wowo wlove it

That is consumerism for you. They fabricante needs to manipulate people (and animals).

You're just envious that living in your favela, you cannot afford an Alexa device and that even if you could afford one, your amazon parrot is not smart enough to get Alexa to play his favorite bossa nova music.

But in the favelas that Prof. Cowen has envisioned as a desirable environment for some Americans, that should not be a problem.

I do not live in a favela. My house is very confortable.

No bird needs its own waterboiler.

The wise man keeps only a goldfish.

First world problems.

Does she write headlines for the NYT?? I for one find the hazmat suit quite seductive:
NYT "Judge Reed O’Connor, a federal judge in Texas, HAS OFTEN sided with Republicans in their challenges to Democratic policies."

The notion that once the scientific method HAS been applied accurately, with all extant documents exhausted, the work will be finished and the result will be final ("the final and definitive history of the Third Reich, certified by German, American, British, Russian, liberal and conservative, nationalist and Jewish historians") is a nineteenth-century illusion

NYT "At a time when democracies are increasingly under attack, the iconic American company HAS SOMETIMES worked in ways that counter American interests." (on McKinsey)"

"Among some of his German contemporaries, there was--and still is--a tendency to blame Hitler for all the evils that he had visited on the world and for what also had befallen themselves: an understandable tendency that somehow separated him from them, distinguishing his life and his doings from their lives and their doings during the war. Examples of this were the memoirs of many German generals (most of them published in the early 1950s),
who blamed Hitler, not themselves, for blunders in the war, for great battles lost--OFTEN exaggeratedly, and SOMETIMES incorrectly

Are you another nym for dearieme? Which if you 'two' are one and the same, the German person? Very confusing. And it's not "she", but Michael Rosenwald is a "he", "Mike", according to the Twitter feed.

African Greys are very smart birds, as are New Caledonian crows. Actually even your backyard sparrow is pretty smart. I tried to trap some (to feed to my cats) but after a few were caught in a net, the others seemingly alerted each other and despite putting delicious grain out for them, they avoided the trap not just for days but weeks, and there were so many of them. On occasion I did catch a few from another flock it seems.

Bonus trivia: birds are of course descendants of dinosaurs, but, confusingly, they come from the "saurischia" branch not the "ornithiscia" branch, the latter meaning, in Greek, "bird like" due to the way the pelvis is attached, like a bird or human rather than a lizard.

A lot of people are very bad reading the emotional states of their pets and a lot of animal suffering results. I see a lot of AI being used in the future to assist in keeping pets happy. Providing them with entertainment and challenges and letting owners know what needs have to be taken care of.

Mind you, seeing how bad my parents are at taking care of a dog makes me feel a little better about my own upbringing. "Oh, it wasn't me! You're just really bad at this!"

That parrot is smarter than Thiago Ribiero. Who's the birdbrain now?

No he is not. I could easily use Alexa too if I wanted. I do not need because I can visit the local market.

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